Welcome all Johnny Depp newbies here
Hello,I'm new here and I just LOVE Johnny! My english is not very good,because I am from Serbia! Big kiss for all! Smile
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Hi everyone my names hayley and am new here!! yay !!!! lol

x x x x x x hayley x x x x x x x

p.s everyone check out my site as i have pages full of johnny depp x x thanks x x
Here's why I love Johnny Depp -- because he hasn't gone the "pretty boy" route. He's great looking so he could have chosen only leading man roles and sure-thing movies. But he's chosen to do off-beat, funky, risky material, which is what I'd rather watch.

Anyone seen Dead Man? That was a terrific movie, didn't get any publicity that I ever saw but what an interesting film!
Welcome to all our new members glad to see more Johnny fans popping in and saying hello.

Yep Johnny is one of hollywoods more interesting charismatic and versatile actors.

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Hello... What else it there to say? ~~Rebecca
Yeah i joined but only to ask if anyone had a picture of johnny's arm in pirates of the caribbean where he had been branded. It would be much appreciated.

Your probably why i want a picture of it? Well its to get it done myself

If you want email it straight to me or post the pic of it on myspace at www.myspace.com/pirateoftheyear

Many thanks
love Ally

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hay all im newb... had 2 state the obvious lol... I LUV JOHNNY :love: hes mi sunshine lol luv that word so ea u'll hear it oftten.. nehoot i gotta go eat now i just had to register ive been trying for ages but my comp was dying so i had to wait till i got a new one
see u all l8a .
Hi Scrub and welcome to the Johnny Depp forum. :wave:

While we welcome new members we do ask you to please note tha chat speak is not permitted on Sf-Fandoms forums. It is difficult to understand and we are an English speaking forum with many of our members having English as a second language.
Chat speak makes it even more difficult for them to feel as much at home as we would like all our members to feel.
Cheers, :hello:

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i like johnn depp hi is very goood actor also orlando bloom is good actor but i like it in lord of rings legolas Big Grin i em here new and i just want to say heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody
hi! i'm new here too! i am a huge fan of Johnny also! he is sooooo awesome!
we should be friends. PM me!
hi i'm new here, love to talk about JD he is soooo hot!! just like orlando and paul walker (and some dutch actors =P). I read that Johnny wants to stop acting in 6 years.. is this treu??? The dutch magazines said he wants to stop cause he thinks he's getting too old. And also that he wants a beerbelly..
Hi i'm new here too, i have to say johnny was hhandsome when he was young he's all right now but better young. He is the best in pirates 1, 2 and3 he was so funny.
hi. I'm new here and new to forums in general. I agree that Depp can be interesting.
He is a sweetheart of a man.
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