Hermione v Ginny
Hi All is anyone interested in debating whether it will be Hermione or Ginny that Harry ends up getting together with?
I've noticed a lot of people think it will be Ginny and I am a firm Hermione supporter.
So If anyone's intersted post your reasons for believing Hermione or Ginny.

To start Did anyone notice that Harry broke up with Cho twice because of Hermione? I think this is pretty good proof that Hermione is more important to Harry than any other girl.
thoughts comments?
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I don't believe Harry did it because of Hermione, but because Cho was being unreasonable and not listening to what Harry was saying about Hermione. Cho just latched onto it was Hermione he was meeting for some reason and yes, Harry does care for her. As for who Harry will end up with, I'd be okay either way. I think Hermione does like Harry perhaps more than a brother or friend, but Harry has to decide how he likes herSmile
The only reson harry cept on braking up with cho is cause cho
wanted 2 b the only girl in harrys life and was jelous
b4 u say something mean about some1 else, walk a mile in their shoes then ur a mile away and u have their shoes!!!!!
Quote:Originally posted by Athena
All evidence points to Hermione and Ron going and eventually being a couple. [/B]

Are you sure? I know it's pretty obvious that Ron likes Hermione but i think Hermione is definately not interested in Ron. Remember when sthe told him that he had the sensitivity of a teaspoon, or that he was the most insensitive wart she had ever had the misfortune to meet? Not exactly the words of a girl with a crush are they.
Quote:Are you sure? I know it's pretty obvious that Ron likes Hermione but i think Hermione is definately not interested in Ron. Remember when sthe told him that he had the sensitivity of a teaspoon, or that he was the most insensitive wart she had ever had the misfortune to meet? Not exactly the words of a girl with a crush are they.

I used to call the guy i liked in sixth grade a lousy son of a *****..haha..but you do have a point there... hermione definitely doesn't LOVE ron.. Harry just doesnt look like the guy who will have a love life
Hmmm... interesting... but i'll definitely go for Harry and Hermione, since i'm a big Harry Hermione fan. Smile I dunno why though.. i just think they look good together instead of Ron with Hermione since i don't really like Ron... hahaha, i have no god reason at all. :tongue:
I just think Hermione is too smart for Ron, he's a bit thick most of the time. Also maybe your right about no love life but i think if he does have one it will be with Hermione. As for Ginny i think Harry just see's her as Rons little sister.
Hermione is pretty much the female version of Harry. lol. What with talent. She is cleverer than him tho. I think Harry will have increased respect for Hermione in 6/7.

Ginny and Harry - too obvious
Ron and Hermione - too obvious

not gonna happen

Harry and Hermione
Ron dead/ Ron and Luna

may happen.
Good question but I don't think Harry will end up with either. I think he will become and Auror and have no time for a relationship. However I think Ron and Hermoine may have a future...
hhmm i think if Harry survives his showdown with voldy he will have a love life. If he doesn't then maybe Hermione will go to ron instead. Otherwise i think Harry and Hermione will definately get together eventually, but it may take a while for Harry to get a clue and realise how much he likes her. Cause honestly Harry's a bit clueless about girls.
I think Ron and Hermione will be a short term relationship. They may then split or Ron could die saying V will be after all of the weasleys for being blood traitors. I think Ron will die at a huge battle taking place at the Burrow in book 6. V may die there too leaving 7 to be about the rivalry between Harry and Draco.

Harry and Hermione will be long term if they got together because they are on the same wavelength. I really do hope that Hermione does not turn out to be Harrys's long lost twin sister or something and Dumbledore changed her birth certificate. This is getting so possible. (cough luke and leia cough cough)
at the end of the day - who did Harry grab in the Department of Mysteries when it all kicked off? Hermione! He left poor old Ginny and Luna (the less capable witches) behind when Hermione even rivals Harrys duelling skills. Saying something to me.
heat of the battle has nothing to do it. At the end of the day Harry had him grabbing Hermione insted of Ginny or Luna for a reason.
all of harrys love life dieing off because of harry would make a great book
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Harry and Hermoine are like two opposing ends of magnets that can't come together. They both repel each other. It wouldn't last. On top of that, they would both lose their edginess; meaning, Harry will have to becomed whipped and/or Hermione would have to be less combative. Ginny has more potential because she's more undeveloped then Hermione. Hermione and Harry should remain friends or they'll both be miserable.
Hermione and Ron are a possibility. Their relationship is somewhat like Ron's parents. They are good friends and confortable with each other and that could be a very solid foundation for a long term realationship.
Ginny and Harry will never get together. Ginny DOES NOT fancy Harry anymore. And Harry does not fancy Ginny. Ginny and Neville...now thats a reasonable possibility which is not too obvious. (JK does not do obvious)
Well Personally I think he'll end up with niether. first I'm a Ron and Hermione Shipper so that takes out Hermione. I just can't see Harry coming between His two best friends.:bg:
and second I think Ginny is a little young for Harry.:halo: He has never thought of Ginny that way and I doubt he ever will.:anxious:
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I think Loony fancies ronniekins. Ronniekins fancies Hermione. Hermione fancies Krum, Ron, Harry...not sure. Harry fancies himself. Its gonna be hard to unravel all this.
No, definately not Harry and Hermione... I think Hermione and Ron is more of a possibility. To me, the fact that those two argue so much points to the idea that they actually like each other, though they don't yet realize it. They seem perfect for each other...

Somehow I don't think J.K.R. is going to end the story leaving Harry all by himself, especially if Ron and Hermione do pair up. Rather than Hermione or Ginny however, I think Luna would be Harry's ideal partner. They have quite a lot in common, and it is said near the end of the fifth book that Harry is comfortable talking to Luna in a way that he isn't with his other friends.

I agree with you peoples, Ginny is never going to be with Harry. Ginny doesn't like Harry (anymore) and Harry doesn't like Ginny - why would they get together? Ginny is just a friend to Harry, maybe even like part of his family, but never a girlfriend.

volderant, I disagree with you too - Harry did not grab Hermione because she was most important to him. He just grabbed the person nearest to him. It would be quite out of his character to choose to save her over Ginny and Luna just because he likes her.

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