Japanese Cinema
I've been watching a couple of japanese horror movies, and I was wondering what do you think about it? did you like the hollywood's re-make of the ring?
Did you saw any other movies?
Do you know about the remakes there'll be for this year, like dark water, the eye, ring 0 and 2, etc?

I like the japanese horror cinema, but what about you?

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I saw the original Japanese version of the Ring and I was more scared than i think i ever have been in a movie. A while later i went and saw the english remake and i didnt even flinch. They focused so much more on the horror side of it but the original didnt even need to have gorey graphics because it was so scary just on its own. I was so dissapointed with the remake!!

And yes I like Japanese cinema, one of my favourite Japanese movies of all time is Princess Mononoke.
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I liked the cast they had in the remake of the ring... but they wanted to find an explanation for everything... and dont have an explanation for everything is pretty much, in my opinion, why the jappanese move was scarier...

-_- My favourite one so far is Uzumaki !! I loved it... hope hollywood wont mess up it later...
so far i think the only remakes for japanese horror movies this year will be
the eye, Dark Water (i've read excellent reviews on this one but haven't seen it yet), and the sequel and prequel from the ring...

does anybody knows more?

"must be that i've been smoking too long"
Man Japanese cinema owns!!! Uzamaki is a great flick (only the Japanese can make a spiral give you nightmares). Dark Water is good as well but my fave is Kairo in terms of horror films. And dont even get me started on Kurasawa, Shojo Ishii and Tikashi Miike!
Have only seen a few.. I wasn't a fan of Hana-Bi, was very visual - a little too much for my likings - but I did love the animated 'Spirited Away'. Beautiful film - and in negotian to trade a copy of City of Lost Souls by Takeshi Miike... I've mainly been getting into HK and Korean cinema of late.
Yeah Spitited away is a fantastic film. Check out other films by Miyasaki if you liked it, they've all good. City of Lost Souls is good but not the best Tikashi film. Audition (horror) and Visitor Q (mock-documentary) are his best works, although the latter is uber sick. HK cinema sucks right know but SK is awesome. I like Valcano High, Shiri and Guns and Talks. Oh and My Sassy Girl......

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