Dubbing Classic films?
Many DVD films offer the option of being shown in multiple languages if so selected. I've vacillated between the ideas that this may or may not be a good thing. After all, much can be lost in the translation. In fact, in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the subtitles and the spoken text vary, in parts, vastly from each other.

I'm not certain, however, that this is or isn't a bad thing. As you said, hearing the dubbing in your own language allows you to focus on the whole screen, rather than adjusting your eyes from the action to the subtitles and back. Obviously, we can hear more words per minute than we can read. Since a movie is a visual medium first (with exceptions, I grant) I don't really see dubbing as a bad thing. Some dubbing, is, of course, terrible, but with a DVD generally comes the options of using subtitles or dubbing, so you still have the movie, and can enjoy it to its fullest as you see fit.

To that end, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon dubbing was fairly well done. Some of the anime cartoons I've seen have vascillated from one end to the other, but both Akira and Graveyard of the Fireflies were very good. The dubbing on The Killer and Hard Boiled were of a lesser quality, though still watchable.
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I don't like dubbing at all.. I watch all of my foreign titles (about 30 or so, small collection) in their original langauge, as this is what the filmmaker invisioned.

But as far as dubbings do go, the Das Boot one is proabably the best.
I prefer to listen to the original voices, regardless of language because the voice is just as important a part of acting as the body. The tone and the inflictions are perfectly in tune with the actors moods and body language, and I find dubbing just seems fake, even when its well done.

Also, Japanese sounds so awesome! :tongue:
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I'm afraid the only "dubbed" film I've seen is the Australian Hercules Returns. It's actually really funny :bg: (though its probably important to add that the joke was the dubbing, a group of three people have to dub an Italian film into English)
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Years back, i saw a video of "Free Willy" and for some reason, despite the fact it was in english it had english sub titles as well. Anyway, it was hilarious because they had subtitles for every sound made. It would be all "human cough...whale cry" which i thought was utterly ridiculas. Well actually, i suppose it would make sense if a deaf person was watching the movie. ok, i had just stuffed up my silly little story by justifying the ridiculas subtitles...ahhhh oh well, ill post this anyway! Hope u have enjoyed the continual rambling's of my inner monolouge, and people wonder why i find it hard to get to sleep!
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