I don't get over here much, but I thought this would be the best place to post this topic. Forgive me if it's been done already.

Has anyone noticed how long previews have gotten? I am forever sitting there in the theater thinking, "Well, I don't need to go see that one since I've already seen the whole thing." They give away the entire plot half the time.

Most recently when I went to see RoTR I saw a preview for "Hidalgo," that went on forever and told you not only the background of the main character but where he goes and what he does and what a loner he is and how he gets into this big race even though his horse is just a mutt and how he might hit you if you call his horse a mutt and a huge storm in the desert during the race and even how he gets away from the big storm (or earthquake or whatever). And there was another movie, "The Butterfly Effect," which had an equally long preview.

These things are exhausting to watch. Sometimes I forget what I've come to see during the previews. I honestly feel like I've seen five or six movies before the show starts. And I end up not wanting to see any of them for real. Does anyone else feel this is a self-defeating move on the part of the marketing department, or has it been shown to bring more people to the theater?

An opposite example was the trailer for "Pirates of the Caribbean." Nicely done - if you didn't know it was based on a Disney attraction you honestly wouldn't know.
Funny that you mention this because I was thinking about this same idea the other day! I agree... The Butterfly effect looks like it could be a good movie, but it might not be as exciting to watch because there will be hardly any mystery to the plot! Pirates of the Caribbean had a wonderful trailer!!! I think they had only one trailer unlike Hidalgo and others who have about 2-4 different trailers giving away different scenes of the movie!

I'm curious as to why there has been this sudden change in movie advertisment... I don't think it is helping. Some of the best movies I have seen were ones that I had no idea as to what they were about until I watched the film! Such as the first time I saw Titanic, Indiana Jones, Tuck Everlasting, Secondhand Lions, The Matrix, and Minority Report.
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Very good points. As for me, I find that trailers can get very annoying after a while, but if they're trailers for movies that I am actually looking forward to seeing (like RotK) I don't mind them in the least.
Yes I do agree with the fact that some trailers give away too much of the plot. I like the ones with heaps of flash shots, like Troy. That trailer was really good. I so cant wait for that one. I havent seen those ones you mentioned gilthniel. I live in Aus.
I also think they show too many trailers. I too sometimes feel I have just watched 5 or 6 movies before the feature film and I too forget what Im about to
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i know what you mean about forgetting the movie you've come to see before the previews end...i mean, why see spiderman 2? you just told us the whole story in the preview! I'll see Hidalgo anyway, just for Viggo Mortensen, but like someone else said, unless I want to see the movie anyway, I don't want to see a whole long preview for something.

then there are the previews that seem to have nothing to do with the movie itself...
I'm almost always 5 to 10 minutes late to the theater, so I don't mind the long trailers at all. I usually still have plenty of time to adjust to the dark and find a seat. :bg:

But when I do get there on time, the trailers get on my nerves. First, we have to watch about 5 different TV commercials, then 5-6 trailers that are 2-3 minutes long. Very rarily do I see a trailer that long and still want to see the movie.
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I actually make a point to get there early to see the previews. If it's a really long preview, I find that the movie is often not worth seeing.

Like it's been said, a good preview makes you want to see the film, it doesn't give you a summary of it! :bg:

I like seeing 4-5 previews, but the last movie I saw, I think there were nearly 25 minutes worth of them. That was a little rediculous. You can have too much of a good thing.
Sometimes Previews bother me, but not all the time. They just make me more jittery and anticipent as to what I am about to see. :bg:

Hidalgo, that trailer just gave away too much. I saw it several times already, and I know the whole movie already. Really sad if you ask me.

Other than that, I could agree with most of you that you feel like you just saw 4-5 films before the actual film. LOL. :laugh:
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