Male/Female war question
I passed the question around to my male friends and I am curious to what the females would say to this scenario.

The idea was brought up while discussioning Black Hawk Down were it was Tom Sizemore's character or perhaps it was Eric Banna's who says something to the extend of " My brothers in arms are out there and I am going back to bring them in"

Basically, the males that I spoke too said something to this affect
"Even if I had a wife and had sired children, I do not think I could have left the field knowing that I had comrades out there that I had a chance to help them. I would have trouble living with myself I did not make the attempt"

This means situations where there is "reasonable chance" that you can rescue your friends.

We had the impression that females might not understand our feelings in this matter.

We felt that females might act that way towards their children but perhaps not in other situations. I am posting this here now because it is about 2:35 Tokyo time and it is a little late to call/meet our female friends to discuss this.

What are your thoughts upon our tentitive male/female differences in this scenario?
Quote:Originally posted by afro-elf
We had the impression that females might not understand our feelings in this matter.

Really? I wouldn't have thought that. Obviously, I'm not female, so I have no real ground to speak from. But, it would be my thought that feelings of kinship, friendship, fraternity (not the Greek organization) are fairly universal. I don't see why such loyalties would be considered a male-only functionality.
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The idea was that a female might feel that blood is thicker than water.

In the sense if a woman had a child and others were fully capable of rescuing her friends she might think it better to let the others go on the rescue mission due to her being a mother.

The males in our discussion groups all said they would go no matter if they had a family or not.

In no way did any of us think that such loyalties would be considered a male-only functionality. But specifically, would a mother make the same choice that we would have taken?
Perhaps a better way to put would be not that they might not understand our feelings, but would they have taken the same action if they were mothers, as we would have if we were fathers in the same situation even if others could do the job?

I hope provided some clarity.
Huh.. this is a really interesting question.. though I am not sure that there is a definate answer...

I think that this matter would vary from person to person and how their situation is. Right now if this scenario popped up into my life at this moment, I would go to any extent to rescue my friend, even if it meant my own death. If I had children to look after, they would be my top priority, but I wouldn't abandon my friend entirely... I would find help and do all that I could to help him/her without putting myself in harm's way. I wouldn't want to put my children's lives in jeopardy.

*But that's just me...this is definately a great topic discussion!
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Quote:We had the impression that females might not understand our feelings in this matter.

I can't speak for all women, but for women who serve in the military I don't think they are much different than their male counterparts. I served in units that were all male(women are prohibited from serving in combat specialties in the Marines, like infantry, armor, artillery) but I don't believe women Marines would feel differently than the men. Deep bonds form between people in military units due to living together, training together and shared hardships. In a way people in your unit become like an extended family. It's not hard for anyone IMO, male or female, to take risks or make sacrifices for people you care about.
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I just wanted to and some comments because on one other board there was some ''confusion''.

First, I need to clarify that we are talking about a military operation and not just a S'n'R.and was a heat of the moment decision. You are in the battle theater at the time of the situation.

It was queried as what do you think if any differences in the male/female psyche and the mother father psyche. It is not a question of do women feel loyality to their friends.

To those who have answered so far thank you.
i think it would just depend from person to person as said by Lady Eowen, but from what i know about the army (my brother and future brother-in-law) tight bonds are formed and it is like family. they go through so much together, that no matter male or female, they would go back for a friend or ally. if i were to have children and be in the army, i would still go for saving someone i knew and went though much with because what if the the person i were to save were to have kids or family of there own? i would never be able to live w/ the fact that i could have saved someone but didn't take the chance, especially someone as close as that. where ever theres life theres hope, and i woul risk my life hands down for a comrade to have the chance of life. after all, blood is thicker then water, and the people i went though so much with would be counted as family to me in that case.
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