missing email notifications
It was resolved for most of the complainants. It will never be resolved for everyone.

Each time we change IP addresses on our server, we end up in some new ISP killfile because the IP address was used by a spammer in a previous contract, or the Web hosting provider sold some other IP address to a spammer in a previous contract, or because the Web hosting provider sneezed on the wrong day.

Many ISPs wrongly believe that by blocking IP addresses indefinitely, they are somehow waging a just and effective war against spam. There is nothing we can do about that.

You either get email from us or you don't.
Oh well. I'll survive.
That's alright with me; like moif, I just check my user CP. So. . . yeah
my god, what a world you love.
I will check with Dixie to see if she has looked into this again. But it may become a moot point very soon, if there is still a configuration issue. That would be a good thing, not a bad thing.
I'm having the problem too and tried the things suggested
All For One, and One For Orli!!
We're going to be making some changes soon. They may or may not have any effect on this problem, but unfortunately they are more of a priority for Dixie at the moment.

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