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Why was Murder's For Sale written as Allen Weston? (anyone got spare copies laying about for sale ) Because Andre's co-writer Grace Allen Hogarth had the maiden name Grace Weston Allen before marrying William David Hogarth, moving to London, writing the book with Andre and making it soooooooooo darn hard for us completists to get a copy of.


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Back in the early days: Andre worked on only a very few books with other authors.

My guess for the Allen Weston was that this book was in a whole different genre than anything that Andre Norton had ever done, and as in 1954, neither author was a "best seller", they decided to come up with a "pseudonym"

I only knew the co-author as Grace Allen Hogarth, so your information is new for me. Thank you.

As to why the book is so very rare in its original form, I believe that it was only published in a print run of 500 books. You would have to contact the publisher, Hammond, Hammond, for more information.

Sorry, but I checked a couple of reference books, and couldn't find an address. You'll have to check with one of the UK book dealers.

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