Of the 4 Alien films, what's your favorite one and why ?
Of the 4 Alien sci-fi horror films made so far, starring Sigourney Weaver, what's your personal favorite one and please say why.
Nothing beats the original Ridley Scott version for suspense and sheer terror. The second is just a gun fest; the third is simply contrived. The fourth is IMO better than the third. I'd find it hard to rate the second and fourth higher than each other.

The original movie relied on character reactions to an alien predator. It was relatively slow movie as it spent much time establishing the biology behind the Alien. I would rate the first movie as a Horror, but not any of the subsequent movies. The basic story telling concept is much better in the first, with intro, rising action, climax, resolution. The second one suffers from 'action' movie status.

The Alien in the original was something to be extremely fearful of. The scene with the hissing, spitting retreating cat epitomises the terror that the alien excudes. 8.5/10

While this movie adds to the concept of the aliens it does reduce them in stature. In the first movie there was a fearful awe for the alien, while in the second they become more like pests (nuisance) more than anything else. Action wise this first sequel is clearly the best, but it does lack the tension and terror of the first. 6.5/10

This movie tried too hard to bring back the original idea of the first: man (unarmed) up against a superior alien. It's been too long since I last saw this to honestly state much else. 6/10

Aliens 4
I remeber even less of this 4th movie other than Ripley being cloned after her death in the third movie. What I do remember is that stylistically it had much appeal, directed by Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Interesting direction with bringing the relationship between Ripley and the aliens even closer. I actually liked Winona Ryder as the android. 6.5/10

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