Leonora's BACK!!

I just had to make an entrance...Boy, it's been long...I hope not too many of you are gone...Ohh, I see moifys is here, Marie, Ebony, Bern, Berriepicker, Tha paranoid Deamondbleed, Robbieroy, Luthien(my cousin!), Rain, Stevie and many more!!! And a lot more newbies!!

I just had to leave, couldn't really measure up the desire to go back in here and I most likely won't spend as much time as I used to...:anxious:


:bg: :bg: :bg: :bg: :bg:
"Be civilized to all; social to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none" Benjamin Franklin
OMG- SAY_WHAT is back!!!

Jaysienne, Aramantha, Crazy4Orlando ans so on and so on....!!!

I gotta change my avatar....yeah, I should!

Gonna do that later Smile


:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

(well, there's only coffee)
"Be civilized to all; social to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none" Benjamin Franklin
Glad to see you in our midst again.

The truth is out there. Look it up.
Hi Leonora! Smile
Buying and collecting fabric is the goal. If you actually DO something with it, you're an overachiever.
Leonara! Great to see you! :bg: Where have you been?

As you might have noticed, the forums have slowed down. Other then that, it's nice to have you here. Welcome back. Smile
''You fall on your knees
You beg, you plead
Can I be somebody else?
For all the times I hate myself
Your failures devour
You're hurting every hour
You're drowning in your imperfection''-Skillet
Welcome back Leonora! Long time no see!
Converting to the Cult of Asparagus..
Did somebody just call me LeonAra?! (Ara!!)

well, everything's back to normal I guess :bg:

Hi everybody- so glad that some of you remember me Smile

where's the asparagus-girl?

Oh well, I hope to linger around this time...where I was?

well, you know...life sometimes happens!

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