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Enter Shub Niggurath's Deplorable Road of Mapistry
Has anyone come across "the Mapistry" in any of Lovecraft's writings? While I have not, I was thinking surely there must be a reference to it, however veiled, somewhere. Cuz you know he was into that type of stuff. And does Lovecraft's racism bother anybody? He was a little insensitive sometimes. But overall, he's cool.
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The "sweetest" Elder God?

That would be plush Cthulhu dressed up as Santa Clause, I guess:

[Image: cthulhusanta.jpg]
HPL's racism bothers me a lot. I have not merely inked out certain words and phrases, but actually changed them to positive statements. The cat in "The Rats in the Walls" is now named Beauty of Africa. There is a reference (I forget which story) to an Arab with a hatefully Negroid mouth. He now has a noble Negroid mouth.

Hmm, never heard of "Mapistry". Don't know what it is. Would you please elaborate?

I have long had a fondness for Tsathoggua, but he's not Lovecraft's invention, so I guess my answer doesn't count on this poll.
The racism question, when dealing with pulp-era authors, always confuses me. Why judge them with modern political correctness?

Sure, HPL usually cast ethnic minorities in a harsh light. In the same turn, he cast the English in a very favorable light. That doesnt mean all Brits are good, any more than it means all minorites are bad. Even if Lovecraft might have felt so.

Personally, I prefer an author with real personal opinions, even if I dont agree with them. Its better than most of the modern soft, p.c. stuff anyway. The pulp reader should understand that this is a different time. We're blessed to be able to look back and still enjoy the stories, and that's all that matters.
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HPL's racism doesn't bother me much. It does discomfort me at times, but I am made of sterner stuff than someone who needs to ink words out and change phrases. It's not The Protocols of the ELders of Zion or the KKK handbook for crying out loud.

I myself am an Asian, and honestly I find overbearing PC attempts much more irritating than archaic racist ideas, which are after all more a product of HPL's times, as others here have noted.

One book that DOES totally rub me the wrong way is Bram Stoker's Lair Of The White Worm. If you find references to a hatefully Negroid mouth (I think that would be the Houdini story?)worthy of censorship, be sure to BURN this book. I'll send you the kerosene.
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What is "The Mapistry"?

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