Poll: Which is your favorite?
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Episode 1...The Phantom Menace
2 2.44%
Episode 2... Attack of the Clones
4 4.88%
Episode 4... A New Hope (Star Wars)
8 9.76%
Episode 5... Empire Strikes Back
41 50.00%
Episode 6... Return of the Jedi
21 25.61%
Episode 3... Revenge of the Sith
6 7.32%
Total 82 vote(s) 100%
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Favorite Star Wars Film
What's your favorite film of the five already released?

Mine is Empire Strikes Back...

Visually and Directorally it's a superior film in my opinion. Also, it lacked all the cutesy animals and aliens that Return of the Jedi, had which really irritated me.
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I'll let this dialog from Clerks explain my answer ( I liked Jedi as well :wink: ) :

Randal Graves: Which did you like better? "Jedi" or "The Empire Strikes Back"?
Dante Hicks: "Empire".
Randal Graves: Blasphemy!
Dante Hicks: "Empire" had the better ending. I mean, Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader's his father, Han gets frozen and taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that's what life is, a series of down endings. All "Jedi" had was a bunch of Muppets.
Quote:Originally posted by StimpsonJCat
I'll let this dialog from Clerks explain my answer ( I liked Jedi as well :wink: ) :

All "Jedi" had was a bunch of Muppets.

:laugh::laugh::laugh:Well, it wasn't that bad once you overlooked the criters.
:alien: Sci-Fi needs reality TV as much as it needs a Hammer! :mad:
ESB rules. Everyone was on top of their game in this movie. Didn't seemed rushed to try in wrap it up.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Yep. ESB. It's the best one for Han Solo, and he's my fav. SW character.
It's a tough call for me. I voted for ANH. While I recognize ESB as technically the best of the lot, ANH has real special meaning for me. It blew me away.

I still vividly remember the night I saw it with my mom and dad 26 years ago. I remember where I sat in the theater (which has long since closed) and remember each scene and the emotions and thoughts they conveyed in my 12 year old mind.
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Empire. Any day.

It has my favourite scene and my favourite character at his best!

best scene; The quiet moment where Leia is sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon, just before the mynocks make their appearence. I would LOVE to be just lazin' it in a space ship, parked in a cave on an asteroid... listening to some frantic music with a tepid cup of coffee and a sketch pad!

Best character; Boba Fett as he steps out to stand beside Darth Vader with his poncho thingy over one shoulder.
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I think I'll go for Empire. But A New Hope and ROTJ are very close. Empire is great for the reasons all of you have mentioned. But A New Hope is awesome because its like the introduction to the characters we all love. Plus, there's just so much tension in the closing moments. I really didn't mind the Ewoks in ROTJ. Plus, the space battle at the end is the best; so many ships flying around, and it just looks awesome!

I do very much like Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. They just aren't on the same level as the original trilogy. Smile
I went with A New Hope. At a time when most sci fi films were small, it brought such a sense of size to the screen. When i saw the the first ship cross the screen it was cool, but when the destoryer came on the screen and just kept coming till it filled the screen and beyond, was just amazing for the time. Still is now that I think about it.
The original star wars will forever be emblazoned on my mind, the first moment I saw Darth Vader and heard 'that' voice, wow, there had never been anyone so before and this guy was real trouble. [Image: vader1.gif]

I think I fell in love with James Earl jones voice right there.
Cheers, :hello:

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Quote:Originally posted by missferal

I think I fell in love with James Earl jones voice right there.

Ooooh, I soooo agree with that statement! It's very sexy even with the heavy breathing. Or perhaps because of it. Wink
:alien: Sci-Fi needs reality TV as much as it needs a Hammer! :mad:
Episode 4. Always has been, always will be.
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umm...i havent seen any of them.
*ducks for cover from rocks being pegged*
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My favourite is, Return of the Jedi! I love that one, its the one ive seen the most times too. The original star wars movies were just so good i am so dissapointed by all this rubbish they are bringing out at the moment. pfffft :bug:
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Well, I don't really get the point of Star Wars - don't ask me why I've been to see all of them.

So the thing I go for when watching SW tends to be the special effects :\

So I'm going for AOTC Smile
ESB - no contest. ANH makes a close second.
I voted for ESB. I loved that one. ROTJ comes in a close second. I prefer the OT hands down! :up:
Quote:Originally posted by Comma

So the thing I go for when watching SW tends to be the special effects :\

:bg: :bg: My reason for buying the "Hollow" DVD!:bg: :bg:
:alien: Sci-Fi needs reality TV as much as it needs a Hammer! :mad:
[Image: fett.gif]Nope. You can't beat 'Empire'!

Seriously though, why is it so much the better film, and is it just me or does the Star Wars universe not work as well without Darth Vader?[Image: vader1.gif]
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He's there, Moif! He just doesn't have the fancy suit, yet! :laugh:

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