Just came back from a wedding.
of my cousin, nice affair. But has anyone ever witnessed, and I mean seen it with thier own eyeballs, someone objecting to the wedding during the cermony, maybe a ex-boy/girl friend interuppting the service or something else to that effect.

Okay, maybe an account from someone you know who is a reliable source.

Just thought it would be interesting to hear of any thing like that.
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ever read Jane Eyre? Or seen the movie?
nope never seen anyone do that. But it would be sooo cool though:tongue:
Nope never heard of anyone actually doing that.

My step sisters and I considered doing it when our parents (my dad and their mother) got married. We knew we would never go through with it, but it was funny to talk about. When during the ceremony the priest dude said the "speak now or forever hold ur piece" part we all found it soooo hard not to crack up laughing! It was really hard to keep a straight face, and we were all up the front (all were bridesmaids).

I love weddings! I want to go to another wedding!
Can someone get married and invite me??!
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I've never seen or heard of anyone doing that.

The last wedding I went to was when I was. two. ;D But I'm going to my cousins wedding on saturday. Ugh. I hate family gatherings.
You could probably win an ignoble prize fir researching how many times that has actually happened in the past hundred or so years.

I imagine that anyone who may object wouldn't be allowd into the wedding.
I have never seen that being done and i don't believe it has ever really happened in real life. You would have probably have objected beforehand if you were going to. It just happens on soap operas. Like so many other unrealistic things.
For instance if you were underage and wanted to try getting served you wouldn't go to your mother's local.
If you got divorced you would stop going to the same pub as your husband/wife.
Weddings, funerals and christenings are never plain sailing in a soap something always goes wrong. Yet nothing has ever gone wrong in the weddings funerals and christenings I have attended.
Sorry i went a bit off topic. I just don't think it ever really happens.
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