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We had a pretty good thread going in American Studies.Three full pages of very on time comments regaurding the revision of history by dishonest academics involved in bashing America at every opportunity.Then it suddenly dissapeared to be replaced by a thread on the communist traitors the Rosenbergs.Now some how this just does not seem to be a part of the stated posting policy.After all present day politics are not supposed to enter in to these disscussions. Yet the threads that support Marxist Ideaology and its revisionist point of view remain while those that object to this type of one sided and derogatory posting dissapear.What gives?
The thread in question has been removed and is pending Administration decision.

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Threads are never put up in place of other threads. A new thread may be started, and may contain similar information, or lines of inquiry, but we do not shut down one thread to replace it with another thread. There is no ideological, political or otherwise bent of these forums.

Point of fact: the Rosenberg thread (which I posted) was first posted on July 16th, while the American thread was first posted on August 14th. I feel compelled to add (since I posted the thread) that there was no revisionist history in mind when I posted the topic, but simply a line of inquiry that I found interesting on a subject that I have very little information, and was interested in the opinions of those who frequent the boards. The Rosenberg case hit an anniversary this year, and so I have seen a couple of documentaries and commentaries about it, hence the reason it was brought up.
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