Are you insinuating that Aunt Petunia uses magic to clean her kitchen???

I'd be interested to know how long Petunia and Vernon have know each other. There have been comments through the series about how they really seem to love each other. Maybe she gave it up for him.
While reading OOTP, I also felt that Petunia had some connections with magic. Maybe this is quite a stretch, but I feel that maybe Petunia could have possibly attended Hogwarts. Other than Petunia promising to take Harry in when he was a baby, I felt that she knew the voice (was it Dumbledore's?? I forgot even though they told us in the book...hehe) and that was another reason for her to keep Harry in her home. Yes, a very big stretch... but maybe she attended Hogwarts and maybe she was expelled?? I dont know, I guess that's how I feel as of now.
people get this wild conjections?

There is no evidence to point towards Petunia being in anyway magical.

Her kitchen is too clean. If anything it would indicate she is too compulsive. She worries too much about what others think and doesn't really enjoy life.

She knew Dumbledore's voice? If I recieved a letter that yelled at me, and it was from a letter I dreaded from 16 years ago (when Harry first arrived at Privet Drive), then I might be a little freaked out too. Besides Petunia said in the first book that her parents were proud of her sister, so maybe at one point, the family visited Hogwarts and that might be how she knows what she knows about the magical world.

As observant as Harry has been, and as much as he learned if anyone was using magic near Privet Drive I am sure he would have noticed.

No, I think Petunia is just a plain old muggle, who hated her sister for being different and the only joy Petunia has in life is not being stigmitiazed and watching the downfall of others.
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Perhaps Petunia is a squib. And if this were so... she would know that in the wizarding world squibs are looked down upon with scorn and discust ... therefore, she could have joined the muggles and shut out any trace of her magical lineage.
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I don't believe Petunia is magical at all or a squib. Snape called Lily a mudblood in OOTP, I believe, which would make her parents muggles. It's also another thing that has been pointed out several times that Harry and Voldemort have in common, neither are purebloods.
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I believe squibs have been referred to as very rare. We know of two for certain (Filch & Arabella Figg), but I doubt there will be any more popping up.
In case you're all forgetting, there can be more than one magical kid born to two Muggles. Colin and Dennis Creevey are Muggle-born. So, it's possible that Aunt Petunia learned to be a witch at HOgwarts and met Vernon afterwards and gave up magic so she could be with him.
Ok, then, maybe Petunia was expelled in her first year. That would explain why she doesn't like magic and is so bitter to wizards and witches.
Quote:Originally posted by Unregistered
Ok, then, maybe Petunia was expelled in her first year. That would explain why she doesn't like magic and is so bitter to wizards and witches.

she is bitter to magic people because they remind her of her sister, and because they are not "normal" according to how she thinks people should be. But she is mostly bitter because I think that her parents gave more attention to Lily because Lily was a witch and Petunia wasn't
I'm sorry, but this is just getting ridiculous. :anxious: I mean, where are you people getting these ideas from? Tonks was probably simply referring to Petunia's clean kitchen. How does one get that she is a witch from that? There isn't even a slightest hint in the books. I'm confused.
Ok, I give up. You guys are right.
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I know that's not an exact quote, but I didn't want to look it up. My point is, I think we can deduce that Petunia never went to Hogwarts or had any voluntary exposure to magic. She also mentions about her sister getting a letter from Hogwarts and nowhere mentions the word "we".

And about the kitchen being to clean. Hasn't this been pointed out blatantly ever since the first book?
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Yes it has, and it probably has more to do with Petunia percieving magic as 'chaos' and muggle-dom as 'order' more than anything. Note that the Weasley's kitchen was always in a state of disorder.

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