snape <contains spoilers from OOTP>
has anyone else found that after reading the fifth book, snape doesn't seem so horrible in the other four? I don't know if i'm the only one (probably, though), but I think I like Snape a little more just because he's a connection to Sirius and Lupin, even though in the first two books you don't know about them yet...just wondering if anyone else feels the same...
Last night I finished reading the chapter Snape's Worst Memory. I have yet to finish reading the book, so please don't reveal any secrets unless they are covered in spoiler tags! Anyhow, this chapter was perhaps one of the most revealing into the character of Snape. Not just the character as JKR has written him, but the actual man himself.

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Given that Snape was abused at the hands of James Potter and his friends, and that Harry looks almost exactly like James, Snape's treatment of Harry now makes perfect sense. Of course he would hate Harry as he would transfer all that terrible pent up rage against James toward his offspring. Since Harry looks just like James, at times I'm certain that Snape is acting not against Harry personally, but the representation of James that Harry is. And James' treatment of Snape apparently isn't justified at all; at least not in the Harry vs. Draco way that we were originally told.

I'm now in complete agreement with the above poster regarding Snape and the way he acts toward Harry, Siruis and Lupin. He is certainly one of the more tragic characters of the book.
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i have always liked snaoe because ye he is a tuff teacher and he does like slythering but so do i
i always thought he was a good teacher and he was always misunderstodd he was always there to help in all 5 books nobody really understood him i dont know why but i always thoguht he was one of the best in the books

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