Was Sirius's Patronus a Dog?If so if Harry became an animagus...
After reading the poll on fave d.a.d.a teacher, it made me wonder about Lupins reaction to seeing that Harry's patronus took the form of a stag,

James potter became a stag as an animagus, now as far as I'm aware you can't choose your animagus counterpart or your patronus,

So Im wondering if you do go down the road of becoming an animagus do you take the form of your Patronus? It might not be the case but harrys patronus is a stag, his dad morphed into a stag also!

I can just imagine Hermione turning into an otter!
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i don't think your patronus has anything to do with what animagus you would be. i think lupin was surprised to see harry's patronus because james became a stag as an animagi.(?)
It's just a theory, there probably isnt a connection between the two, but it's quite possible!

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