Dixie, new posts on user control panel
my user control panel is not always reflecting replies to existing threads. For instance I've posted in almost all of the Star Wars threads but I don't see replies in the user control panel, I don't even get the email it appears.
While you are at it Dixie What is the highest privacy setting I can use without my cookies disapearing in the middle of making a post. This Kveldulf by the way and it did it again just now and i had to retype my reply all over again.Before the last big problem it did it twice that was when I first signed on.Also once I started a thread while i was sure i was in general disscussions and it showed up in farscape i figured i mite have moved there without thinking about it but now i am not so sure.There was a couple of times after making a post my net connection went down.There was page showed up saying the server was replacing the disc drive.I don't Know nothing about all this stuff.not even the right questions to ask.My anti virus program said js seeker detected after visiting here but gave no other information. could my pc be infected?
This time ,after leaving this site deleting all cookies and files,I begain a search on msn and was directed here instead.I'm going to delete history and favorites all cookies and files and see if i can start with a clean slate.guess i'll shut down and restart while i am at it.This may be a virus problem causing this site to appear without my trying to get here. Any way I thought it best to let you know in case anyone else reports a similar problem.
I've downloaded the files that run the boards and run a virus check on them but didn't come up with anything.

The highest security level you can use really depends on the version of the browser. If you are using Internet Explorer 5.5 or better, you can actually customize the settings. I originally set mine for medium and then set custom items from there. I have not, however, been able to connect the security setting with cookies disappearing. Internet Explorer is notorious for corrupting cookies though and often if someone is having the issue of all of a sudden finding that the board doesn't think they're logged in deleting the cookie then revisiting the site corrects the problem.

Best I can do at the moment I'm afraid.

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