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I must say I liked this movie alot, it had good action and ncie history to it, concerning the british empire......many critics said it was a major bomb, maybe it was not theater material but I liked it sitting here at home

what did u think?
It was a major bomb. Terrible movie. It had such a great deal of potential. I agree with you completely that I probably would have liked it more if I had been watching it at home. There was nothing really worthwhile in the movie that I paid full-price to see it in the theater.
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I agree that the movie had great potential. I saw it a few weeks ago, at home because I didn't think I'd like it enough to see in the theatre. It was better than I expected, but the story was weak the way they did it. I'm assuming that the story is a book and also that the book is much better.
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I did see it in the theatre (although I went during matineeWink) and I thought it was an all right movie. Definitely thought it could have been better. But I think that about most movies I seeSmile
This is like what the Greeks done at Troy...'cept they was in a horse...a wooden horse instead of dresses

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I remember seeing the previews for this movie and thinking "this movie is going to be so awesome!!". I love period peices! we never got the chance to see it at the movie theatre, so we rented it on video the day it came out.

it was awful!!! I nearly turned it off half way through! It's been a while since we saw it, so I don't remember what was so terrible about it, but it was awful! like really nasty tasting cough medicine!

and by the way, i think health ledger is a terrible actor. my boyfriend thinks he's pretty good, but I think he is an overrated aussie fashion-model-wannabe.
I didn't see it in the theater, ended up renting it and watching it at home, but I really like it. Smile
Although I found Kate Hudson's performance... annoying. :anxious:

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