Help a long lost book (though I remember the story)
Hi folks, my first post in this forum,

I read a book by Andre Norton years and years ago (late 1970's I think) I have looked for it occasionaly in 2nd Hand bookshops libarys etc but as i only rember the story and not the title without sucess. an approximate transcipt of the story follows (i am certain it was andre norton)

A female "explorer" find herself on a strange planet where the colours are extremly vivid but she finds herself "blind" nothing makes sense and she is unable to navigate. She is guided by a young child who is able to see in this strange alien enviroment. thats about as much as the plot as i rember however the following short description may help, I have written this to try to capture a little of the essence of what I half/remember about this story.

Its almost as though I was trying to evolve transmute into a tree the bindings that I has wrapped around my feet were insufficent I felt as though my toes wished to burrow into the ground like roots and my hair/ arms wished to reach towards the light and turn into leaves.

not to waffle on i will post the above If any body has any ideas please post and if i can add any more to the above I will



That was the second book in the Ross Lantee series


[With thanks to the web site, which is back up again, for having the covers to help my bad memory.]

Your memory is pretty good.
In ORDEAL, a woman from a planet rapidly falling into extremism is sold to traders. She then is put at a remote station to trade with the natives. The native population of Warlock is a very strictly matriarchial society, a schism caused because the males have no power. The woman escapes, with the help of a small animal [I envision a bush-baby or teddy bear like creature.]. She also meets and becomes one with the females, for a time learning their magic.
Irene, Thanks for the amazingly quick reply not only do I now know the title of the "lost" book but I discover there is actually a total of three in the series I shall investigate if my local library has a copy otherwise its the 2nd hand books shops or amazon to the rescue.

I will post again when I have had a chance to re-read the books it will be a remarkable experiance as i have not read this book for such along time my memories compared to reading it again will be interesting (I have been mixing rereading the Foundation series from azimov with rereading and now the latest in the harry Potter seires but the chance of reading this book from Andre Norton is fascinating

thanks for the tip about it a was there andre norton home page that I found the link to here if you see what I mean (after a complicated google search)
No problem on replying. I've found that taking a break from work and answering questions, stretches my mind.

I would check the library first, and then look for a cheap copy of ORDEAL. Just in case I have the wrong book.

I suggest that you try ABE books before Amazon. ABE specializes in older books. And the Lantee series certainly qualifies.

You can also contact a few of the other Norton fanatics, who double as book dealers in their day jobs. Ed? Jerrie? You guys have a spare copy on your shelves?
The story synopsis actually sounds more like DREAD COMPANION 1970.
The protagonist - Kilda c'Rhyn - is transported to a 'nightmare' world with the two young children in her charge. Initially all she can see are strange colours and shapes. It is only after she consumes the food of this new world that her perception clears. Unfortunately, the food has the effect of changing people to fit their new environment. In Kilda's case, her feet start to grow prehensile root-like toes which dig into the soil to obtain nourishment. In order to prevent this - and in an attempt to retain her humanity - she wraps strips of cloth around her deformed feet.

This book - like all of Andre Norton's - is a very interesting story with a number of surprising twists. I highly recommend it along with the three 'Warlock' books mentioned by Irene.

Thanks yes the story as I remember does sound more like dread companion 1970 and this would fit in with when i read the book originally (about 1974) your summary
Quote:her feet start to grow prehensile root-like toes which dig into the soil to obtain nourishment.
fits in precisely with my memory.

I shall try to get hold of a copy and post my thoughts after I have done so

thanks all

I guess I'll have to re-read both books.

Bad memory. Bad. Bad.

Sit. . . . . Good girl.
That's all right, Irene; I've got a copy of _Dread Companion_ listed online too. Smile

Jerrie [since you mention it, ]

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