Who is your favourite Star Trek woman?
Just curious as to who you all would say is your fav ST woman? I would say mine would have to be a toss up between Jadzia Dax and Seven. I loved Beverley Crusher as well. But Dax and Seven both had that really srong woman thing going for them.
7 of 9. After her a far second would be Bellana Torres. A far third would be Tasha Yar.
I have to go with Number One, played by Majel Barrett, in the original pilot for the first series. She was a real breakthrough. A cool, competent, highly intelligent female in command was too advanced for TV in the mid-1960's.

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It's a toss up between Torres and Ro. I guess I have a thing for the angry type. Wink
Quote:Originally posted by VickiSilverwolf
I have to go with Number One, played by Majel Barrett, in the original pilot for the first series. She was a real breakthrough. A cool, competent, highly intelligent female in command was too advanced for TV in the mid-1960's.

On a similar note: my favorite is Uhura! She's intelligent, can hold her own, and occupies a position of power in which no one (at the time) but Gene Roddenberry would ever dream of placing a black woman. Like Number One, Uhura is also a breakthrough and revolutionary for the sixties!
Without a doubt it would have to be the amazing Lwaxana Troi.
As much as she use to make me cringe, she was one amazing woman and always use to leave me smiling too.
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Well as much as I hated the character Lwaxana Troi, when she first appeared, I did a 180 when she started interacting with Odo.

But my favorite, Major Kira Naies (spelling is not my greatest gift), tough lady, well developed as a character, grew as the series went on and sexy to boot. What more can I say.
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I would have to vote for Uhura, for her strength of character without loss of femininity, and also the wonderfully eccentric Lwaxana Troi.
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Torres? Lwaxana Troi? Kira? Seven?

Jadzia Dax... too bad we won't see her again, unless in an alternate reality.
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I'll pass along the results of an informal poll among three guys a few years ago. Note: this was pre-Seven, and pre-"Enterprise." The criteria were: Hottest Star Trek Babe, old show, and new show(s.)

Old Show:

Reggie: The Snow Babe. (He was referring to Mariette Hartley, in the fur bikini.)

Bruce: The green chick. (He meant Susan Oliver, in her Rigelian seductress mode in "The Cage.")

August: Jill Ireland, in the one where the plants shot spores into your chest and made Spock hang upside down from a treelimb.

New Show(s) :

Reggie: The half Klingon chick. (B'Elanna Torres.)

Bruce: The spotted chick. (Dax.)

August: tie between Troi and Crusher.

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Jadzia Dax and Kes had interesting potential, but their characters were killed off before their potential could be reach. Both Daxes were good to look at though.
Kes. Kes and always Kes. It's too bad they didn't sever her from Neelix earlier and give her some more interesting abilities. She seemed like such a great character and I loved her.
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Janeway... strong and decisive, but with moments of vulnerability... made her interesting.
The female physician in Star Trek the New Generation is very huggable and kissable from where I stand.

I find that Star Trek Voyager female captain too manly.
Think she should tone it down a bit.

Sorry I cannot remember their names.
No harm intended.
Seven of Nine is my favorite of course. She's awesome! I love her personality and her bluntness is so funny.
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Did you see the episodes "Unimatirx Zero"? What did you think of her when she was in Unimatrix Zero? She was a very different character, not at all like 7 of 9.
She was very different in those episodes, but her personality as Seven of Nine still shown through. I think her human personality came through a little bit more and we got to see how Seven of Nine/Annika would have been, had she not have been Borg. I felt really sorry for her experiencing a little taste of love for Axum and then having to give him up to save thousands.
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I just saw those two episodes last week for the first time. I watched Voyager faithfully the season that 7 joined the crew, but I only caught bits and pieces of it after that. I didn't like some of the CGI in the episodes. I don't like CG in general, but I guess it's cheaper than building the set sometimes.

Interseting episodes, but I can see where fans complain that Voyager sort of ruined the Borg. The crew encountered them so much that they sort of lost thier meanace.
Yeah, Seven of Nine is the reason I started watching Voyager in the first place. I don't really like any other star trek...I've watched an episode of The next generation..but I didn't like it...blah...but I think seven makes voyager and if she isn't in the episode I usually dun watch it... Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
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I started watching Voyager before she came on board, but it was a nice boost to the show when 7 became part of the crew. My favorite character, however, is Torres. I'm a fan of all the Trek shows, but I can understand you not watching episodes withough 7. I do the same thing with Charmed. If Rose McGowan isn't in it, I don't watch it!

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