Health update
Could we please have a health update on Ms. Norton? Thank you.
OK. Norton health update.

Ms Norton was feeling just fine when I was down there in early May.
She finds getting up, and moving around not so easy. She uses a walker that has a built in seat to move between the house and the library.

She has pretty much recovered from the surgery she had this past winter. The physical therapy seemed to do the trick, and she isn't any slower than the year before.

Sue and Rose have been making her go out more often, with one day a week being the day they go to hair dressers and out for dinner.

At 90 plus, she is doing pretty well. But, as she isn't "young" she has requested that Sasha Miller finish the book she was working on last winter. She is still writing and has a short story in RENAISANCE FAIRE, edited by Jean Rabe.

She is still complaining that her computer program has to be reset to larger font each time she uses it. But this, coming from someone who really hates computers and likes to edit her hard copies, means at least she is using the computer. [Yeah, I looked at the software. It isn't Microsoft Word, and I wasn't able to permanently lock the font size.]
Thank you. Please pass our best wishes on to her when you have a chance and thank her for many, many hours of pleasurable reading.
I've been having trouble getting a message to post. I had to reset my password. It said hit the back button to try again but kept erasing the message every time I tried that. And How do I get my Avatar and signature back? They were lost in the GREAT CRASH.
Anyway, I talked to Miss Norton this morning and she sounded good and said that she was doing well and everything was going along at its usual pace. However she has had no word from TOR about thebook she submitted two years ago. I know that they are noTORiously slow, but I wish someone would light a fire under them, use a cattle prod or whatever it takes to put this book on the shelves. Later---Paul
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Thanks for the current health update.

For your avatar. Scroll to the top of the screen. Click on User cp.
Under this there are more tabs, the third is Edit Options.

Click that and scroll down. Look for Avatar way down there.

If you have problems. Contact me off of the forum.
Should I even ask what book it is Tor's sitting on? Do I want to know what we're missing?


P. S. Thanks for the tips, Irene!
My bet is on the item that was once posted in Locus.
"Norton also delivered THREE HANDS FOR SCORPIO to JF at Tor."

There are also a few co-authored books sitting with publishers.
The health news is good (especially after the period where things were so down).

The TOR news, I gather, is typical. At least it means we have things to look forward to. (I can't make head nor tail out of their reprinting program for the old Lancer versions of the Conan books...)
Irene is correct. Three Hands For Scorpio is indeed the book I am referring to. For those new to the forum, The Lady had a wondrous dream and woke up and scribbled down everything she could remember about it. With mountains of research it turned into a novel. That was two years ago and Tor has been dragging its heels. From what SHE has told me, we are in for a treat!. It makes me want to hop on my trusty firebolt and go place a HURRY-UP hex on these morass-mired muggles. Later kind folks--Paul

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