Quantum-entangled Time Probes
Quantum communications will soon be possible, thanks to quantum entanglement. According to unverified rumors, the Chinese government may already be using primitive quantum communications to protect their satellite control systems.

One of the arguments against extra-terrestrial origins for UFOs is that we don't know how a space-faring civilization could make the journey across the galaxy to visit planets like Earth. They might do so out of scientific or philosophic curiosity, but even a long-lived species might have trouble justifying such a trip.

On the other hand, a civilization might find ways to send unmanned probes to other star systems and embed quantum communications systems on those probes. With enough sensors the probes could send back 3-D imaging scans of entire worlds.

Far-flung space-reaching civilizations might be able to observe the galaxy at large by tapping into networks of quantum probes sent out hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years before they arose. All one needs is a quantum Rosetta Stone to help them translate localized transmissions from probe relay stations.

Each civilization that reaches this level of technology could bequeathe to its successors an array of galaxy-spanning probes that enlarge their knowledge and help shape future cultures' awareness of life, the universe, and the meaning of existence.

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