Bob Chapek has to go
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I dunno. I've rarely agreed with anything Jim Cramer says. Is he seriously blaming Disney's CEO for the pandemic, or for Disney's being one of many companies hurt by the pandemic?

The theme park industry is struggling right now. This isn't a Disney problem, it's a world-wide problem.

Maybe Bob Chapek is a bad CEO. I have no idea. But the data suggests Cramer is wrong again as far as his demand that Chapek be let go. That would just throw the company into chaos during a chaotic time.

Chapek's feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might be resolved by finding a new CEO, but maybe not. DeSantis is a bully and he picks fights he thinks will make him look strong. He's hardly alone in that respect (and I'm not saying his behavior is excusable - I think he's a terrible governor).
I heard Trump and the Florida governor are at odds as well.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Yes, that's the latest rumor. I guess time will tell if they kiss and make up.
Looks like Chapek is out and Iger’s back
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Well, it's hard to complain about Bob Iger as a choice of CEO, but he's going to have to work a lot of magic.

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