Chicon 8 - The 80th World SF convention
The convention was OK. Once I figured out how to work the program.
They announced that there would not be a printed program.
So, I reluctantly got the program on my Nook. Selected program items, and then viewed just the “My Program” chosen items. This would mean bringing my Nook with me during the day.
I was able to access from my hotel room.
So, Thursday I volunteered for 3 hours at the Art Show, and when done, I tried to access the program AT the Art show.  It appears that I only had (without paying $10/day) access from my room.  Luckily, they had printed out a huge grid for the program items.  So, I went back to my room and transferred my program items to the grid.
The place was a three-dimensional maze. The hotel had lots of bathrooms, but most were hidden in corners or inside the suites (so from the hall there was no signage, until you were inside the suite of 5 rooms).  The only 2 times I left the hotel was to walk outside between towers – direct through a crosswalk. The elevators often became a wait, but the escalators went almost everywhere. For the one 3rd floor location, I eventually found the stairs down. 
No access to the Airmeet (virtual) program items. These were on-line only.  But I did go to lots of other program items.  The best was the "Antique books" where the books were handed around. Next best was with Connie Willis and Joe Halderman both talking on Time Travel. Joe complained that one should not sit right next to Connie, as she would steal all the good lines.  
I did spend $$$ in the dealer's room. Someone had Tom Canty trading cards, with 4 signed by Andre Norton.  So of course I had to purchase them.

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