Favorite songs from the LOTR series
What is your favorite song from the JRR Tolkien books?
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Bonus points if you sing along to it while playing the "Poems and Songs of Middle Earth" album.
I was always partial to Bilbo's ballad of Eärendil, partly because it mentioned so many Silmarillion elements and the Blessed Realm that otherwise remained covert and only hinted at in the book's text. The unique meter and rhyme scheme JRRT invented contributes. (He once stated he'd only used it once, but he apparently considered "Eärendil Was A Mariner" to be an 'adaptation' for LotR of his earlier non-Arda poem "Errantry" with the same attributes).

Honorable mention to the various versions of the Elves' hymn to Varda Elbereth. The only time alas it was heard in Jackson's movies was a scene, cut from the theater release but included in the EE video, of the hobbits catching sight and sound of a party of Elves passing through the Shire on their way to the Grey Havens and Departure from Middle-Earth to the Blessed Realm.

BTW, during JRRT's late lifetime after LotR was published, Donald Swann composed and published a volume of music, The Road Goes Ever On, for a number of Tolkien's poems mainly from LotR. Commentary provided by JRRT was included.
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"The Road Goes Ever On". An invitation to adventure, and a cautionary tale all in one.
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(August 20th, 2022, 12:54 AM)badlands Wrote: What is your favorite song from the JRR Tolkien books?

The Road Goes Ever On and On
The Riddle of Strider
Gil-galad was an Elven King
Of him the harpers sadly sing
The last whose realm was fair and free
Between the mountains and the sea

Always wanted to know if Tolkien wrote the full ballad.

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