Lightyear the movie

Is this one of Disney mess up? Why wasn’t Tim Allen Buzz? Did two women kissing cause this? Should had an alien  rabbit in a drag kissing Buzz like Elmer and Bugs Bunny?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I don't know if people are being fair to movies right now. Even though most viewers probably don't think about the pandemic any longer, it's still going on. It's had a profound effect on the way society works. In my neighborhood, one of 2 multiplexes remains closed and probably won't ever re-open (at least not under its former brand name).

Had the pandemic not happened, Lightyear might have enjoyed brilliant box office success. I don't know if Tim Allen would have been necessary. While audiences do become attached to certain actors in specific roles, sometimes they can accept a new actor taking on a beloved character. Look at how Daniel Craig won over audiences as James Bond (a role he sometimes complained about playing).

The pandemic will continue for another 1-2 years. And maybe after that film audiences will be able to fully enjoy going to the cinema again. Or maybe by then box office earnings won't matter so much and streaming will become the dominant form of distribution.

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