Battlestar Galactica: metour
There are those that believe life here began out there.

Commander Tigh came inboard the bridge of the battlestar Galactica.he was not yet used to be called commander was not ling ago since commander Adama vanished.
He didn't expect to ever see his old wingmate ever again.

Sir,bridge officer Tron began to speak to the commander of the Battlestar Galactica. A metour is approaching us.commander Tigh looked at it through Tron s scanner it was as big as a planet.

Commander Tigh briefed Doctor zeen shadrack on this.colonial Athena was also there.

If we fire at it it will break into a million piece s and be even more dangerous.shadrack what else can we do commander Tigh asked
Give me some time Doctor zeen the alien galactica scientist replied.if we cant stop it the fleet will have to abandon the galactica and all her ships commander Tigh said.

Athena spoke to her brother if zeen and shadrack cant stop the meteorite we ll have to abandon our plan of finding earth
No Athena we cant abandon our father s dream of finding cant stop looki for earth,Athena hoped the could continue the search for the lost 13th tribe.

Minerva embraced box .come back soon ok.Box with Grimm and Zenia would look for habitable planets in case the fleet had to evacuate.while the warrior s were looking for a new home. Boomer,sheba star buck Apollo were in space flying their vipers checking T the metour.i cant believe the size of this thing.shena said.its more dangerous then a cyclon armada.Boomer replied.
Athena approached Tigel.the colonial knew Rogers mind was on her husband boomer.yahran s ago when we had the fire in space your husband proved to be quit handy.Rigel looked at Athena 2nd command of the galactica and smiled.

Box ,grimm,zenia managed to find a habitable planet.they also found a ship with a flag in the was red,white and blue.Box placed it in his pockit.grimm couldn't take his eyes of zenia she looked so beautiful.he wanted to be stranded with her on this planet.

Minerva sat on star bucks chair facing cy.zeen had reproved thecyclon who saved the man Minerva alway s seen as her to her was charmekin playing primed with cy who could not speak but do a few simple task s.Doctor Cassiopia who was done with her shift came in.mother even if we get to this earth I do not wont to give up living in space.Ninerva,cassiopeia began to speak to her daughter .Earth mict be so beautiful you forget about living in these space tubes.

Lucky for the fleet.shadrack and Doctor zeen were able to shot a beam at the meteorite which would hold the the meteorite in space for the next few weeks the galactica and the fleet of ship s would gather around the and Grimm found .then after supplies were found continue the journey for the 13 the tribe.
Fleeing from cyclon tyranny.The Battlestar gala Rica and her rag tag fleet of ship s continental its quest for a shining planet known as Earth .

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