Stephen King’s Skeleton crew: Mrs. Todd’s shortcut
Should they make a movie of these short stories?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Well, The Mist was made into a movie (for TV, I think). I don't know about any of these other stories. I think King's stories have a mixed record of success, but I guess if they could be done with a relatively low budget there might be some more adaptations in the future. Unless he's decided not to sell any more rights. I don't follow his career very closely.
Mrs. Todd's Shortcur was my favorite from that anthology - it could be a Twilight Zone-ish project of a half hour...even an hour if you incorporated lots of scenery and local color. Would be hard to fill 2 hours unless you added adventure elements, which would defeat the charm of not really knowing what's going on outside her car.
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