History of the LOTR

What do you think?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Pretty awful is about all I can say. It gets a lot of things wrong.

The producers of those shows tend to spring surprise interpretations on their guests. I don't know what the Tolkien experts they interviewed felt about the final production but I doubt they agree with everything said in it. I would be surprised if any of them stood 100% behind some of the claims made by the narrator.
Yes, it does. I probably miss some of the stuff they got wrong. Maybe for all of us you could tell us some of fallacies?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I'll see if I can make some time later to give some examples.
So, here are a few things it gets wrong. Some of these errors are really minor. Some of them appear to me to be due to poor editing. I don't want it to sound like I think all the Tolkien scholars who appear in the documentary don't know what they're talking about. To ME - it seems like the producers took clips from much longer discussions and just sort of pasted them together to create a narrative that loosely resembles the facts.

1. "The Mythology for England" - this section perpetuates the myth that The Lord of the Rings was Tolkien's mythology for England. That was The Book of Lost Tales.

2. Norse mythology's Midgard - the documentary equates Middle-earth with the Norse world view. Tolkien specifically equated Middle-earth with "our world, round and inescapable". I don't know if Michael Drout or Corey Olson explained the distinction in footage that was cut.

3. The powers of the rings - too simplistic. Can't tell how much they cut out of the professors' explanations (probably a lot). They kept some good comments by Dimitra Fimi and Michael Drout.

4. King Arthur - it's a real stretch of the imagination to connect LoTR with King Arthur. Which Arthurian legends? They don't really say.

5. Volsungasaga - The documentary just cooks up a bizarre parallel between that story and LoTR. It sounds like they cut the professors' discussions to save time.

6. Mythopoeia - the documentary wrongly claims that Tolkien invented this word. It's been used since at least the 1600s and may be quite older than that. (Technically, it's from ancient Greek - I'm talking about use in English literature - I'm not sure when it was borrowed into English.)

7. Music of the Ainur - the narrator wrongly claims this created the world. Iluvatar created the world, not the Music. He's corrected by one of the professors.

8. The history of "hobbit" (the word) is disputed even today, so they kind of gloss over that and imply Tolkien invented it. He did not.

9. Their elf actors have face tattoos for some bizarre reason.

I don't have time to finish watching it.

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