Pirates of Caribbeans 6
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Should Depp reprised his role or should find other roles ? Should the Rock replace him?
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The Rock?

I never saw Jack Sparrow as a big tough dude. He seemed more of a 'trickster' character relying on his wits and nimbleness rather than brawn.
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I don't know what to make of these rumors but if Dwayne Johnson has been offered a role in the franchise, I seriously doubt it would be Jack Sparrow. They'd create a new character for him.
After second Pirates movie series went downhill fast.

Dwayne Johnson doesn't have charisma for this kinda roles and his acting skills need a lot of work if he'd do it.
I'm pretty sure the target audience isn't going for acting skills 😉
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I like Dwayne Johnson as an actor, but I'm not sure PoTC is a good fit for him. Unless he plays the guy who finally shuts down the pirates (not that piracy ever fully ended).

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