Battlestar Galactica:memories
There are those that believe that life her,began out there ....
Colonial warriors Box,Zenia, Grimm are in deep space probe.some time passed since commander Cain had shown up with the Battlestar Pegasus and everlyone in the fleet were speculating if commander Cain with the Battlestar pegasus in tow would return for a third time.
Hey,zenia cried out in a excited tone of voice I found a habitable world on my scanber.let a check her out.Box replied. Grimm was still getting used to being on the Battle star Galactica after serving on the battle star pegasus for so many yahran s.
The three warriors although only working together circa short while had grown close after there battle with the cycl a few Centon s ago,Box is the grandsonson of the legendary commander Adama,adopted son of captain Apollo.his dream of being a warrior like his farther apolo finally came true. His late mother was also a warrior a brief time. His biological farther a merchant captain killed in a cyclon attack before he was the time of the holocaust zenia was on carolin the planet the galactica and rag tag fleet visited after the start of it s journey.
On the planet the colonial s found fresh water habitable vegetation.

Once it began to get dark colonial Box saw a vision. It was his mother ,serrena! Come she pointed to box to follow her. She did then she disapeared.the other warrior were alarmed at this.

Zenia  am leaving am getting the other s you can go Grimm but I am staying till I see box.
Grimm had a crush on zenia from day one he couldn't yet tell her.
On the Galactica....

Sheba took her kid s to bed then she hear a strange voice it has been a while
..we will sounded like count eblie. Yahran s ago he said her farther, cain would return.

He also said he would return. Could count belie be watching her this minute. She looked around her room saw no one.sheba did not feel alone.not at all.

Just wait till the commander hear a this .commander Tigh remembers saying that all those year s he was commander and most likely Adama would never be heard from again.
He wanted to chew colonial warrior a grimms chewbacca s out for leaving zenia and Box behind.perhap a box was kidnapped or killed no way to tell.

Doctor Cassiopia was attending to a young boy einjuredcwhile running along one of the halls of the cargo ship s trailing behind the galactica. Her daughter minerva approached her she was one of the new medtech s
Mother,box disappeared I am so worried. Now cassiopia realised her daughter was experiencing what she had gone through with star buck all these yahrans.

Apollo, grimm  starbuck, Athena ,Boomer,walked through the corridor s of the galactica.Apollo was silent ,hecwas thinking of the dream a his wife has been having for Canton s of count ebli.

Launch when ready.....
Rigel a seasoned colonial warrior never tired of saying those word s however,she sometime s wish she could fly a. Viper alongside her husband colonial Boomer.her first marriage to omega did not work out but she been happy sealed to Boomer many yahran s.

Star buck remembered she promised his daughter,minerva he would find Apollo s son in one piece. He flew close to Athena who had not flown in some time.

Box found himself dizzy. Yes yes he heard a voice let met feel your memories I need it to survive.
All those yahran s ago. Serena on the new for the first time after many yahran s of fighting.the cyclon scandal colonial s are at peace. Then they came. Box remembered his dog running. He ran after it. Some inkwown stranger came and held him.seeing captain Apollo for the first time.can I ride in your ship sir?a viper is mo place for a little boy.they will have to be.serrena replied.
Some time later..apollo would give him a warrior a pin.
Seeing moffit the first time.The
Woman is your mother?yes Box told the voice and these cyclons? The most evil race ever known.

The alien continued it s probe
Box remembered meeting zenia for the first time.
On carolin
. Starbuck would later tell box many yahran s ago he saw three singer s on this strange planet singing a sing called its love love third singing pitch was so high they shattered glass. Eventually Apollo serena sealed.
The Battlestar Galactica and the fleet of 120 or so ship s went into void.

Finaly,they left the void to find kobol.
Adama, the cyclon s are spread out he told his grandfather baldtar the traitor of the human race .box was not there but he heard the story.

I remembered my farther
saying grandfather strangled baldtar.
Then my mother was killed. The beautiful one called serrena? By the evil one s yes the cyclons box said to the mysterious creature he could not see.

What is Earth? Good question replied box
It is the lost Coloney .in the book of the word colonists left the tribe s of kobol to settle. My grandfather saw the map on the wall s of kobol.master tech shadrack created a memory machine so he could go back into his subconscious o remember jolly was acting as a spy to find traitors in the fleet
.it was the time he sealed with his wife media.

Sir urie never believed in a list tribe.we rooted out the traitor s and exiled them.the memories box possesses was too much. By now the colonials had reunited with zenia in the search of Box. The creature gave up on the young warrior and took the form of Boomer s young sister that was killed in the holocaust Millet I cant believe ..believe what Apollo asked. Now star buck,Apollo Athena witnessed Boomer disapering.

When Boomer got out of the academy his first assignment was the Battlestar justice .that Battlestar was distroyed in a. Cyclon attack but ensign Boomer led his squadron to safety and was given a promotion and transferred to the Galactica.Apollo and Starbuck were in the academy but knew of them and the legendary commander Adama
Boomer had a. Crush on Athena when she was dating starbuck.sometimes during the many yahrans of no cyclon attack he would write stories of the Galactica finding earth and he was 2nd in command of the galactica.Adama also had a goatee in his stories s.

The creature could no longer take it.
You are such a fine race.i have felt the memories s if many
Race s but I like your s the best. I hope you defeat these cyclon s and find the lost tribe.
Box and boomer were suddenly reunited with zenia,Apollo,Star buck and Athena. The creature was exhausted he would of like to prove the memories if the others but quite frankly it would drain him.
On the Battlestar Galsctica...
Sheba heard someone saw her name while she was playing with her sounded sounded like count eblie.
Fleeing from cyclon tyranny,the Battlestar Galactica
Continues it lonely quest for a shining planet, known as Earth.

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