Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Michael's thoughts)
We watched the first episode of this new show. I wasn't thrilled, but it takes a while for new shows to find their rhythm so I'm not ready to write it off.

But what bothers me a great deal is the appeal to nostalgia. They've populated Christopher Pike's Enterprise with characters who weren't even hinted at in the original pilot ("The Cage", or its adaptation, the 2-parter "Menagerie").

It seems like the whole point of the show is to tease the viewers into cheering for every characters who should NOT be on that ship showing up in some weird role.

I'd rather see a Star Trek show that introduces new characters, takes the Federation in new directions. And I hate to say it, but I think the problem with the whole franchise right now seems to be that Alex Kurtzman has no inspiration for anything new. Or else he's afraid or forbidden to do anything new.

I loved Scott Bakula's retro show Star Trek: Enterprise, but it introduced a lot of new characters and retconned some pretty interesting things. Now it seems like every show in the franchise is trying to re-explain the past. And add to that the odd hints that they're trying to fix Star Trek's broken history (that is, the predictions from the 1960s of what supposedly happened in the late 20th and 21st centuries).

They really don't need to explain anything. Star Trek has established that there are multiple timelines and parallel universes. We can just accept that the "wrong history" isn't about our timeline but rather about some parallel/alternate universe's timeline. So let's get on with the business of connecting the Federation/Alpha Quadrant to other parts of the galaxy (or maybe extra-galactic civilizations).

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