What did Tolkien mean?
According to Tolkien, fantasy required a deeper imagination called sub- creation?
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(April 14th, 2022, 04:02 PM)badlands Wrote: According to Tolkien, fantasy required a deeper imagination called sub- creation?

I would read carpenters bio on Tolkien for this. I think what he was saying is that he was sub-creating as a child of God who created everything including his imagination.
Yes. Tolkien's point was that only God can create. Man can only sub-create within God's creation. We can't bring new matter or new laws of physics into existence. We cannot create more space or breathe life into anything. All we can do is take what we have and rearrange it, either physically (as through engineering and art) or virtually - as through our imaginations.

He didn't mean we can't have new thoughts. Only that our thoughts arise from what we know and experience.

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