How can star trek get new fans?
When all there shows are on subscription?
They'll get rich fans, at least.
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I put off subscribing to Paramount+ for a long time. I finally did it for a non-Star Trek show.

At some point, I think these streaming services will need to bring their prices down in order to survive. There are too many of them. When they can no longer grow subscription revenues, they'll have to come up with new monetization strategies.
Well, they have to create quality content first. Discovery and Picard have not been very successful, in spite of what I'm sure they would tell you. Imagine messing up a TNG show. If they'd done it with a shred of respect for the original, instead of going out of their way to destroy it, they would have cleaned up, financially speaking. It's amazing to me the low-quality writing people tolerate these days. So many movies and tv shows are just objectively bad.

I am mildly interested in Strange New Worlds, although the trailer has several red flags.
I think Paramount is making a huge mistake with these nostalgia-based shows. Maybe there is market research that says younger audiences find them appealing, but the whole streaming universe is too fractured (in my opinion) to sustain all these independent franchises.

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