Darkfighters Mercenary Command
Does anyone know anything about a thing from the 1970's called "Darkfighters Mercenary Command"?  I don’t know if it’s from a novel, a game, or a “zine”.
I saw a poster in an antiques store about it.  It was a single page, black and white text.  It's basically a recruitment poster saying things like "Fighters needed on the Rim" and "Needed: Tunnelers and Rammen".  It had a line drawing of a vaguely Hispanic or Filipino man in a space helmet holding a raygun with the caption "Fight with Vasquez".
I've been fascinated by this since I saw it partially because I can't find anything about it on the Net, and because this single page conjures up a universe of possible story lines.
It sounds like it might be connected to BattleTech.
I've researched everything I could find on BattleTech (and its precursor BattleDroids) but nothing I found matched the content or style of the poster.
I wish I could think of something else. I'm pretty sure there was a sort of Battletech Knock-off, but I can't remember what it was called. I believe a couple of my friends told me about it many years ago. If I'm remembering things correctly, maybe the poster is related to that other system.

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