Star Wars amusement park
Why doesn’t Disney make a Star Wars amusement park and leave our Disneyland and Disney world alone? Theming Space Mountain as Star Wars is not cool. If you want to make rides for Star Wars make a whole park on it since Star Wars isn’t as popular as it was . Thanks to Disney getting the rights.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Have you been there? I have not.

When I researched it, maybe 2 years back, it appeared to be a giant sound stage building, sub divided into several rides, and a courtyard with food courts, and places to purchase stuff.

Today: The Star Wars Park seems to be on the map of "Hollywood Studios"

I could be reading this wrong but Space Mountain is in Tomorow Land. A whole separate park.

I did notice that the Star Wars park is getting it's own roller coaster next month.

I don't see that the "in the dark" Space Mountain ride is being re-themed.

I see you now need a subway map to get around.
I think some of the Star Wars movies are still quite popular with fans. I know someone who has gone to the Star Wars attraction in California more than once. I'd say that even if the numbers of fans willing to visit the attraction aren't what they used to be (and the pandemic probably had a lot to do with that), there are still dedicated, die-hard fans who are happy to go time and again.

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