Costume Con 2022
I will be going to Costume Con. The convention is neither a SF nor Fantasy convention, as it covers historical and themed costumes also.

This year there will also be a small Quilt show. I'm bringing a few pieces, including my famous: "A public Service" quilt. 
The original wall hanging was made from the most horrible neckties, thereby doing a public service as they would never again be worn on a neck. I bought a few ties at Salvation Army for "Plausible Deniability," What I have left is a similar, but much smaller piece made from the short ends of the ties. 

I have also decided that I needed a long skirt. I gave all of my fancy fabric away last year to a good cause. BUT, I had an unused curtain, and have turned that into a skirt. Rather elegant actually. 
Will you folks want a convention report?
Absolutely! Please share details when you can.
Costume Con is a convention for people who like to make costumes, watch costumes, attend workshops, and talk about fabric, leather, sequins and rhinestones.

This is only the third of these that I have attended. My attendance is purely based on how close to home the event is.

Having said this, I am just back from the 40th event outside of Washington DC near Bethesda MD, and the first convention since costume Con 38 was canceled just two weeks before it was scheduled to happen (March 2020).

There were 4 full costume presentations [One the "set patterns" from 2020], and lots of hall costumes. I myself, normally a T-shirt & slacks person, brought a costume for me to wear.

There was Vendor area, two exhibit areas, and a small competition of quilts, tiaras and "plague masks".

Some of these people are obsessed. Most start planning the costumes a year in advance. One woman decided to weave her own fabric for a costume. Others need a couple of years to come up with an idea, fabric, and make .... Oh, say Henry the Eighth (of England) and several of his wives. These people drive a car load of costumes in.... much to my enjoyment.

My favorite presentation, was a 19th century dress made of a gray striped fabric, and the same fabric as each generation cut down the dress to be worn by themselves.
Another "historical" presentation was a set of clowns from a Pierriot to a Ronald McDonald.
The Fantasy & SF costumes included a Merman, and a female Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy], as well as majestic aliens and one woman with a set of wings that opened to their full feathered glory.

There were workshops on Beading, rhinestone application, and the state of the big 4 Pattern companies. One woman discussed, and brought, her collection of antique sewing machines. I presented a How-to on making a T-shirt quilt to 6-7 people.

They let my friend present her "volunteers lament" on how someone once asked in the Consuite area for Himalayan salt. (The Consuite is open to all and filled with just enough food to keep people from starving.... i.e. eggs & bagels, fruit, and carrot sticks.) Against my better judgement, I went on stage to present one of the Salt choices.

For me the most fun event was the costumers flea market. Many costumers brought their fabric. ribbon, buttons and stuff. I bagged a couple of skeins of yarn, an Afgan hook, and a few buttons.

I managed to NOT purchase that antique sewing machine. I did manage to get everything back in the suitcase (a big carry on size), and walked to the closest Metro station with a friend who had two huge suitcases. She did some mental calculations, and only had about 7 costumes with her.
Sounds like lots of fun!  Although I don't make them myself, I enjoy looking at and learning about costumes.  It's impressive you were able to restrain yourself to one bag.

I'm curious to know if there is an advantage to using older sewing machines. I bought a modern machine for my wife and she felt a bit overwhelmed by it. She said, "This thing is a computer. Can you help me figure it out?"

So I looked at all the buttons and my jaw dropped to the floor. I have no idea of how anyone uses those things. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all sewed using a variety of old Singer machines. They never seemed that complicated to me.

Would you say many costumers prefer the simplicity of the older machines?
I cannot speak for anyone but myself (and the lady who had over a dozen antique Singer and other brands), but I prefer my antique Singer.

Now, I own 4 machines: A 3 lb Sears machine (currently not working), a 1970's Singer Zig-zag, Grandma's Antique table model, and my "portable" machine of the same model as Grandma's. My portable is really not very portable (proved when carrying it up the hill to my dorm room after purchase) and has a wooden case. BUT, it is my every day machine, and always out on my desk. It goes forward. No easy stitch adjust. Lots of attachments for button holes and ruffles(never have used those) The 1970's zig-zag, has stitch adjust, goes both forward and backward, and I use it for tasks where I want to bind the edges of stuff.

If your wife doesn't use her fancy machine, look for a local repair shop, and purchase an older model that doesn't scare her, and then sell the machine with all of the "bells and whistles". Some of my friends own embroidery machines, sergers (make fancy edges) and other specialized machines (Long Arm). But the Black Model 66-16 will last for (almost) forever. I had Grandma's machine refurbished when I got it, and Singer has all of the instruction manuals on-line. With just a few changes (I added a hinged presser foot - to go over pins) , a rubber drive belt and an attachment to make button holes. I'm good. One major quirk, It won't take plastic bobbins in the winder, so I have to purchase metal ones.

I love my Antique, as do others. But it seemed that for the people in the audience, their antiques were loved for their looks, nostalgia, and historic uses. Once someone gets past the basics of sewing, they often move on to a specialized model.
Good suggestion. I'll see if she wants to try again with an older machine. It's been a fewyears since I purchased the computerized machine for her, so I'm not sure we even have it any more. Too much stuff boxed up and stashed away around here.

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