Let’s talk about Encanto.
Then we can talk about Bruno later. Disney newest animated movie Encanto makes no sense, leaves plot holes, and questions. Here’s some I have about the movie: why are the horsemen attacking the village for? Do they want the Madrigal babies or the candle? Do they know about them? Are they just marauders, or sent by someone else? They look like four horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Why don’t they come back? Shouldn’t evil greedy corrupt business people kidnap Bruno
 since he can predict the future?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I haven't watched it yet. We do have access to it via Disney Plus. I may watch it this weekend and follow up with some comments.
badlands, thought you would like to know that I've been able to watch the first half of the movie. So far I'm enjoying it. I'll try to find time to watch the rest of it.

I do want to say that Disney has a way of kind of blanding down cultural tropes. However, as someone of Hispanic descent was raised as an Anglo (my father wanted his children to face less racism than he did), I'm not the best critic of how Disney or other Anglo production companies may not accurately represent Hispanic culture.

That said, I think they deserve kudos for making a film that at least puts Latin families on the Disney radar. It helps to show people (especially children) that we're just like everyone else. We have families. We struggle with self-esteem issues when we're growing up. Everyone finds a different path in life. Etc.

I do think some of the lessons in the story may be a bit too metaphorical for some viewers. But these issues are relevant to young people who have grown up in an age of Internet elitism, bullying, and exclusivity. So I find the story is really engaging.

I should look up its box office numbers. I'll try to find time to do that.
It only took 6 months, but I've finally seen this "movie". I watched it on the airplane (6/10) so it was the very tiny screen and using a headset.

I loved it. I cried.

I enjoyed the music (thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda), I loved the color and story.

I didn't notice any horsemen - but I hadn't read this post before watching. My assumption is that when things go bad, those four problems come. How better to portray death & destruction in a way that is scary for kids, but also very scary for adults (plague comes to mind).

I did notice that in a family of magic users, they also had their own problems (We don't talk about Hugo... Why? Is he a CPA?)

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