The Queen solves mysteries like Sherlock Holmes

This would make a great movie. The queen reigns and solves mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, Miss Maple, and Hercule Poirot.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Interesting concept. I suppose it would depend on the audience.

In the 1970s there was a series of "Movies of the Week" starring Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick. I loved the concept (and I was maybe 11-12 years old at the time), but apparently not many other people did. They didn't make many of those movies. This semi-series was part of a larger franchise (The NBC [X] Night Mystery Movies) that included Columbo and McCloud before they became regular TV shows, if I recall correctly. All of the sub-franchises introduced a new twist on the basic detective/police drama. Heck Ramsey was set at the turn of the century (1899/1900) and featured an old-fashioned western cop (Ransey) assisted by a modern police detective.

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Anyway, I think The Queen sounds a bit like the Snoop Sisters, although with an intriguing twist of its own. A reigning monarch solving mysteries is kind of a cool concept. But would people really want to watch something like this? And how many people would be offended?

I think it would have to be done very tastefully. I'd probably watch at least the premiere, though.

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