Tried to watch 'Jupiter Ascending' Again ...
Wasn't feeling well this weekend so I put on a movie. Picked Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum.

I've always assumed this movie was based on some teen novel, but in doing a little research I learned that there was no book. It was just a Wachowski movie (they did The Matrix and V is for Vendetta.

Overall, the special effects are very good. The acting is what I would expect from a top-rated cast. They can deliver the most banal of lines like they're talking in a real life.

But my wife and I sat there kind of numbed out because despite the good action and great CGI, we felt it was a very boring movie. According to tIMDB, someone asked Channing Tatum what the movie was about on Reddit and he replied, "Good question. I have the same one myself." Maybe he was just being funny, but I think when actors are really proud of their work they do take an interest in explaining the meaning of a story to interested fans.

I lost interest about halfway through the movie. I don't know if I've ever been able to watch it all the way through, after having sat through it in the theater. But I don't remember the details very well and I keep thinking I should try watching it again.

Honestly, I'm not that big a fan of the Matrix movies, but I at least managed to watch the first 3 all the way through at home. In my opinion, the Wachowskis make movies that require a bit too much thought to follow the story. I don't mind thinking about a story after I've read it or watched it, but when it's hard to keep up with all the nuances in the film -- especially when the characters almost whisper in-between explosions -- I can get lost pretty quickly. And when I get lost I try to re-watch scenes (at home) to understand what just happened.

It's just hard for me to do that with this movie, and that's probably why I lost interest. I can follow the main plot but the family intrigues pile up quickly.

Anyway, I was wondering what others think of this movie. It was technically a "box office success" -- I guess it made a profit. But it didn't turn into a major billion-dollar franchise.

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