Star Trek: Lower Decks
Anyone watching this?  Comments/thoughts?

I've watched it with one of my sons.  We binged through season 1 at the end of summer and saw the first episode of season 2.  He kept watching it away at college, and I need to do some binging to catch up.

Really enjoy it.  Hilarious.  Love all the inside jokes - and I'm sure I miss most of them, because I'm not fluent in all the different series.
Space... the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Her five-year mission:
To explore... strange new worlds,
To seek out... new life and new civilizations,
To boldly go... where no man has gone before!
I've watched a few episodes. From the commercials, I thought it would be too Gen-Z oriented for my tastes, but instead I've enjoyed what I've seen. I'll probably watch the rest on demand when I have some time.

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