Disney’s The Lone Ranger movie starring Depp
Would the movie had been more successful as a modern gender Bender or political correctness. Having the Lone Ranger as a girl disguised as man or Tonto as Native maid dressed as native brave might have been more interesting. Or, more based on the Black Texas Ranger who was inspired for the comic book character. Will Smith could have played that character.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I enjoy many Johnny Depp movies but I think it would have been better received if it had actually been about the Ranger instead of Tonto.

And I'm not saying there could not or should not be a "Tonto" movie. But if there is, the public may be more receptive to a movie where the lead role is played by a Native American actor. The plot for Depp's movie was not very good, in my opinion. The best acting in the world can't save a troubled project.

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