star trek
These are the voyages of the starship enterprises to go where no man has gone before.

captains log
Mr. SPOCK .L.T. KESLO ARE due back on the enterprise soon after checking out class m planet near the just discovered velta region of space.

captain Kirk was comfortable at the command seat of the enterprise the 5-year mission of the 1701 u.s.s .enterprise would come to an end with one year
knew would never command a starship again because soon he would be promoted Admiral and given a dull desk job.
Engineering chief commander Scott's voice rang out. Kelso has teleported back up from the enterprise captain but Spock is not here neither is he on the ship!



An Old Friend
Suddenly, Capt Kirk noticed a ripple moving thru the structure of the corridor towards him. As the ripple passed by he felt the presence of a familiar old friend. He turned .. "Spock?" only to see the ripple shimmering a few feet away with no Spock anywhere?

Just then his comm badge cracked with the voice of Peele ka`Tik, his Fortelean science officer.
"Captain, I've detected an anomaly in the structure of the Enterprise. Please come to the bridge." Kirk replied, "Already on my way."

[i]The Forteleans are a race of super old, super intelligent beings from a star system in the Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way. The ka`Tik clade are Forteleans specializing in the sciences. Peele only recognizes his clade designation as any type of 'rank'. He is not a Federation rank or citizen but has elected to assign himself in duty to the Enterprise under Kirk's Federation command structure by his own free choice.
The Fortelean home world, being in the Cygnus Arm, moves at a slower rate around the galaxy.
This translates to the Fortelean life spans and its civilization to be extremely old. Peele is early middle age among his people but by our calendar over 2,200 years old. Fortelean civilization has no rank or power structure. Their separations are according to clade and the specializations within the clades.[/i]

The turbo-lift door slid open and Kirk was greeted with the familiar Enterprise bridge where he spent the better part of this mission. "Whaddaya got, Peele?" he immediately blurted out with impatience mixed with concern.

"Well, Captain..." Peele responded quickly. "I have detected an anomaly with the material structure of the Enterprise precisely at the moment Mr Spock's signal entered our transporter buffers." He continues without pause, "Mr Spock has merged with the Enterprise."

That last part hit Kirk's ears with the cold dry statement of fact Peele was so adept at. Nothing to indicate anything but the facts in his tone.
A flush of hot blood rose up within Kirk as the significance of the information registered with his brain. Panic...wait, no...anger was building in Kirk. Anger directed right at Peele, not from what he said but the way he said it. Mr Spock was the only crew member on the Enterprise Peele frequently conversed with and Peele's cold stark report of Spock's condition pissed Kirk off.

"I WANT ANSWERS" Kirk barked out a bit too loudly.
The shimmer passed thru the deck plates and up the bulkheads of the bridge. That familiar feeling came over Kirk again. "Spock..." Kirk said quietly, longingly.
"Is he still alive, Peele?" Kirk queried much softer now. Followed by a pleading query "Can we save him?"

Peele started talking almost immediately.
"Answers Captain..." Peele began, "As you know Velta Region is 'new space' to the Federation. No Vulcan has ever been here or been transported in this region. There is a phenomenon in this region of space which seems to react with Vulcan physiology in a unique way. The planet has no structures on it, thus beaming down to the planet did not cause the phenomenon with Spock. It was beaming back to the ship that caused the reaction."
Peele continued without acknowledgement, "His stream merged with the quantum forces which make up the Enterprise's elementary particles. An unknown element of force in Velta space dispersed the Vulcan into the Enterprise quantumly. According to the measurements I have taken, both the Enterprise and Mr Spock are currently stable. I am still gathering information to assist with a solution for returning Mr Spock to us."

Kirk hailed Mr Scott, "Scotty, I need any and all structural and operational reports of anomalies concerning the function of the Enterprise or any of her systems. I want level 3 diagnostics ran every 6 hours and any changes are to be reported to both Peele and myself immediately no matter the hour." "Aye Captain" Mr Scott replied. Peele's assessment went out ship wide.

Kirk hailed Dr McCoy, "Bones, Please provide Peele with all of Mr Spocks medical scans including the last 5 transporter medical scans." It is common practice to log all transporter medical scans after any transport of any crew member no matter the source or destination.
"Um, Jim?" McCoy replied. "Spock's current scan will not finish. There's still data being logged and it has some very strange readings fluctuating all over the place. I can't make heads or tails out of this." A short pause over the open channel and McCoy's voice crackled, "I sent the running scan to Peele."
Peele made a quick check, focused on his screen and studied the data intently.
"Okay, Thanx Bones. Kirk Out." Kirk tapped his communicator and the connection went silent.

Kirk barked out a new order. "Helmsman, maintain planetary orbit till further notice."
He slowly walked over to Commander Uhura's station and quietly whispered to her, "See if you can figure out how we can communicate with Spock. Notify me as soon as you find something, anything which could be Mr Spock. Me first, not Peele, Got it?" She nodded, "Aye Captain, already working on it sir." Her concern was almost physical in intensity.

"I'll be in transporter room 2. I want all personnel working on this. All logs are to be constantly updated, even with details you may not find significant." Kirk barked over ship-wide comms. Then he left the bridge.

Kirk encountered a very ruffled and perplexed Chief O'Brien in Transporter Room 2.
He had every panel off and the room was filled with tools and testing equipment.
"Captain" O'Brien acknowledged when Kirk entered the room.
"Did you find anything Chief? Anything at all?" Kirk queried. His voice was uneasy and this put O'Brien on guard, carefully measuring what he said.

"Sir, I found something strange in the quantum signal capacitor." Carefully studying Kirk's reaction to the news. "ModPot readings spiked as Mr Spock's signal entered the capacitor, then the capacitor discharged into the ground circuit of the ship." "But Captain," he continued, "its more than that. It discharged into the very structure of matter." A short pause, then. "I sent this to Peele as soon as it happened. He then notified you. I thought it was just a glitch but Mr Spock never materialized." O'Brien looked completely baffled.
"I haven't been able to locate anything else out of the ordinary since." he added.

Kirk played the logs O'Brien made documenting his tests and theories. "Log everything Chief" he repeated and left the room.
As Kirk made his way back to the bridge his head was full of many things.
This mission has been strange from the start. Not only is there the unknown Velta Region of space, his science officer Peele was so intelligent he was ever aloof. Only Spock interacted with him on personal...wait not really personal, more of a student/grand master relationship.
I've never seen Spock so mesmerized by anyone or anything like he is with Peele. You can almost feel a sense of anticipation in Spock's demeanor around Peele. They would disappear for hours on the lab and computer decks.
The rest of the crew were a mix of reactions concerning Peele. Both respect and fear in their interactions with him.
"Spock..." Jim felt the shimmer more than seeing it. "We WILL figure this out and get you back Spock" he proclaimed to the turbo-lift.

The tubo-lift doors opened to a somberly quiet bridge. As his gaze scanned the stations he noticed all were intently working on the problem. Some of the station panels were strewn around the space revealing the inner workings of the consoles and conduits.
On the view screen, Peele had the running transporter medical log displayed along with different readings from ship systems, which were also fluctuating in alignment with the changing medical log of his friend Mr Spock.

"Anybody got anything?" he shouted to anyone for a reply.
"We have a lot Captain." Peele said in reply. "Nothing conclusive, no direct solution yet." he added. Uhura walked up to the Captain, standing a bit closer than casual and whispered "I found a signal but I can't place the source or the language or directly connect it to any communication so far known by the Federation but..." she paused. "The signal is fluctuating in alignment with Spock's transporter medical log and the fluctuations in the ship's systems. Captain, it has gaps in the fluctuations tho. They seem random and so far the computer can't find any pattern to them. Do you want me to send Peele my data?"
"Immediately!" Kirk replied. He laid his hand gently on her shoulder and added "Thank you, thank you so much"

Kirk then walked over to Peele's Station. "Peele, Commander Uhura is sending you data from her communication station. There might be a message from Spock in the signal but we can't identify it yet."
"Yes, Captain" Peele replied, "I have been watching the data in the comm station since the phenomenon started. I'm currently running a program I wrote just to analyze the gap pattern but have yet to get any results indicating any communication or intelligent pattern."
"Carry on." Kirk told him coldly.

"Since the phenomenon started!" Kirk fumed as he took his command chair. "Since the phenomenon started! You mean since Spock merged with the ship! Since MY FRIEND might be lost forever!" He punched some buttons on his chair's console a bit harder than he needed to, a lot harder.
The data revealed on his chair's monitor was blurry and pulsing.
Suddenly Red Alert sounded, sputtered and fell silent. Then Abandon Ship alarm sounded and faded into the Yellow Alert alarm and it sputtered and fell silent. Then, a whole assortment of sounds started burping forth from the ships comm system speakers. Then they fell silent again too.

"Captain" his communicator came alive with O'Brien's voice. "Go Chief" Kirk replied.
"Captain, the transporter pad just tried to energize on its own?" O'Brien said. "It was brief, very brief. Only .00053 seconds but that is significant" he continued. "Thing is Captain, there are no changes in the data from the current fluctuations to initiate the transporter? There's no evidence of it happening, except I saw it."
"Stand by Chief" Kirk replied.

"Peele, did you monitor any change in the buffer of Transporter Room 2 just now?" Kirk turned to Peele. "No Captain? What kind of change exactly?" Peele replied.
"Chief O'Brien, open comms with Peele and tell him exactly what you witnessed" Kirk commanded. "Okay Captain, O'Brien Out" Kirk's comm link went silent then spurted out some strange noises and fell silent again.

"Captain" his comm panel activated again. It was Dr McCoy's voice. "Bones, You got something for me?" he queried. "Its the strangest thing Jim, the medical replicator is forming a greenish goo substance and when I examined it, the goo has the same bio signature as Mr Spock and Captain, its alive!" Kirk's glazed gaze raised and he noticed all eyes were on him, no, on his comm panel. "Bones!" his voice urgent and nervous, "Keep it alive. Put it in stasis if you have to, we'll be right down." An intense glance at Peele "Let's Go!"
Peele and Kirk stepped into the turbo-lift.
pock had lost his memory strange trolls had wrapped him in aa brown blanket on the surface of a green skied planet and circling him worshiping and singing to him as


he was a Greek god.

In the rec room .Uhura found out from scotty his wife was preagant. She did not even know the chief engineer was married!Transporter chief OBrian beamed Sulu.Kirk.McCoy yeoman colt from the Enterprise transporter deck to the planet.
Once there the foursome found Spock tied up and on the ground with small trolls worship him
Also, ghostly yellowish creatures appeared.


Transporter chief OBrian beamed Sulu.Kirk.McCoy yeoman colt from the Enterprise transporter deck to the planet.
Once there the foursome found Spock tied up and on the ground with small trolls worship him
Also, ghostly yellowish creatures appeared.

Ghastly figures surround Kirk and crew. Captain Kirk then hears a voice.
"Our race have perished many centuries ago we kept an echoe.>these beings you see do not exist. we are giving your friend Mr. Spock memories of our planet so he can educate others about t us.
Then Captain Kirk with Mr. spoke were back on the enterprise as if nothing had happened.

Spock returned to his room. he sat in the corner in deep mediation .Although there was silence he felt a loud echoe. saying something like....
Captain spock. Doctor mcoy were beamed by Montgomery Scott to a nearby planet. They followed tricirder readings of a possible life form to a very dark cave.then they heard a loud voice for many centuries we have been enslaved please free us. Mcoy oped up the sealed containers from the ground and strange lights came.thank you now we are free to leave then the lights where one could only guess.kirk then preceded to take out his recorder Kirk to enterprise 3 to beam up.the trio were transported from the planet to the star ship enterprise.captain kirk then ordered the ship to leave this sector of space.

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