Battlestar Galactica
In the seventh millennia of time. The Battle star galactica makes it s lonely quest to a planet known as earth.

According to the book of kobel,
a group of humans went into deep space and live on earth. Many people believe the earth is just a myth and the ragtag fugitive fleet should stop running from the Cylons, since they have not been seen in years and should simply just land on a sustainable planet and forget this foolish errand.

Adama the man who had commanded the battle star Galactica as the centuries old Battle star Galacticahad passed away and many colonial felt the Battle star Galactica had drifted into the lonely sea of space for too many years in search of a lost tribe of humans that may never be found even if it does in fact exist.

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Captain Apollo met with commander Tigh. Doctor zeen in the briefing room.Tigh had replaced the late Adama as leader of the mighty Battlestar Galactica.
Zeen was the ships resident alien scientist.
Before commander Tigh could speak Athena interrupted over the intercom...
Cyclons have been reported being seen.

Minerva was 5;1 in height 24 yahrans(years) old. Her mother was Cassiopeia. Not a biological parent but adopted. She had a fatherly crush on the older starbuck and hoped he would reignite his relationship with her adoptive mother Cassiopeia.
Lately Minerva had been seeing Boxy.
Now grown up and flying a viper. Preferred to be called box. Box his wing mate Grimm a young fighter pilot box sage. Zeina redhaired 19 year old cadet fighter pilot were in space looking for a ship that had been sighted.

Upon returning to the Galactica. Box would report to his father captain Apollo.. He would address his father as captain ,a term he had not gotten used to using when talking to his farther. Lieutenant Box was a warrior making his dream coming true since .A young Boxy asked his future dad if he could ride in his viper.
With the death of commander Adama.
Apollo. Titgh. Athena all handled different parts of command of the Battlestar Galactica.
Doctor zeen .the alien resident scientist invented the transwarp the humans would use to travel in space and look for earth while evading the cyclons.

For colonial warriors. Box. Zeina .Grimm this was the first time engaging the cyclonConfused in combat.
Box was about to fire at a cyclon tanker when another Battlestar seemingly came out of nowhere to blow the tanker up.
All of box s life he knew of one Battlestar. The Galactica. this battlestar was of a legend many believed no longer existed.
Sheba was happy to learn the Pegasus had arrived.

stained minor damage to its left wing so after the battle he landed on the Pegasus landed bay.since silver sparks sqaudren was now part of the Galactica the had been many a yahran(year)

since a colonial viper had sat in the landing bay of the Battlestar Pegasus.

Commander Grimm was greeted by the legendary commander Cain.

Grim was just a child when the Galactica ran into the Battlestar Pegasus and never thought he would meet this often talked about colonial warrior.

Grimm told commander Cain ,Adama had passed away 3 years ago. Apollo had sealed(married) Cain's daughter Sheba .they had a young son named Cain coincidently.

Rigel the Battlestar Galactica bridge crew member was about to end her shift when she got a communication call from bridge officer of the Battlestar Pegasus.

When commander Tigh learned from Rigel the Pegasus was within reach of the galactica he could not believe the good news.

The first thing commander Cain did upon coming on board the Battlestar Galactica was to embrace his daughter sheba .he could not keep his eyes dry when he saw his 8 year old grandson Cain named in his honor

pride flew into cains mind.too many Yahrans(years) vain spent taking as many refugees who escaped from the 12 colonies onboard the Pegasus.

Refuges who could not go on board the Battlestar galactica went to the southern and eastern alliances.
Both sides ceased hostilities to fight the cyclons it was easy for them to forget their hatred when they found a enemy as deadly as the cyclons.
Grimm joined his

friends Zeina. Apollo. as he spoke to Apollo . They hoped with the Battlestar pegasus with them they could attack the cyclons with great ease.
Elsewhere star buck played solitaire across from him was a cyclon
Star buck

was stranded when he reactivated the alien. It sacrificed its life to save Starbucks many yahrans ago.
Starbuck often thought of cassie she gave him a ultimatum either her or she gives up on him.

Minerva had already known star buck as her father and was a great medtech as doctor cassiopia was.

Star buck put the game aside. His conscience was at war with him too many times he treated life as a game.

Now was the time to test Doctor zeens New shield as a cyclon attack was approaching.
The alien scientist was always cooking up new gadgets and if this invention worked laser fire would bounce right off the shield and hit the cyclons.
Grimm had to use a new viper shoe was now in a viper especially designed by doctor zeen.
Grimm. Sheba. Apollo starbuck boomer jolly and Zeina .box flew in to the hell fire that was the cyclon raid.
All of a sudden what was the blackness of space was bright laser fire both vipers and cyclons exploding.
The battlestar Pegasus flew towards the cyclon base star .commander Cain ordered a release of a rocket. That cyclon bae star exploded and not long after that the Battlestar Pegasus mysteriously vanished like it did many yahrans(years) ago .
Commander Tigh ordered Rigel to scan for debris of the Pegasus. not a trace of it was found.
The remaining cylons with no base star tried to ram the battlestar Galactica but doctor teens shield proved to be too strong Captain Apollo ordered all vipers left a few cyclon raiders flew off course with no base star to land they would crash on some barren world and would not be a threat to no one.
Starbucks vipers mechanical system was damaged by cyclon fire and he had to literally jump
Out of his viper. Tech men came out with horses to spray water on the damaged vipor.
Medtech Minerva treated star bucks arm. when doctor Cassiopeia came in the colonial warrior forgot about his injury embrace cassie in his arms tightly and they
Both kissed each other on the lips.
Boomer and his wife went on a shuttlecraft with doctor zeen to see if they could spot

debris of the Pegasus.
Colonial Athena spoke to Commander Tigh saying the battlestar Pegasus must still be out there.

Later that night Sheba looked thru the window of her room .she told apollo her father must of had a plan to disappear again and ambush any cyclons in it's way.
Apollo could not to disagree.

Fleeing from cyclon tyranny ,the battlestar galactica continues its lonely quest for a planet known as earth
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