Stargirl, Season 2
Was browsing my streaming apps the other night and saw an ad (we have Roku) for Stargirl. I was only vaguely familiar with the character so I checked out an episode. Was pleasantly surprised to see Luke Wilson (co-)starring in the series.

I can't watch Season 1 because the CW streaming app only allows us to watch Season 2. But I've started watching that. It's a bit tough to keep track of what's going on, although I haven't had to find a wiki site about the show yet. I kind of have figured out the basic premise as of Ep. 2.

There was a Justice Society of America whose members are all now dead (or otherwise gone). Starman's staff has somehow ended up in the hands of a teenage girl (Stargirl, the star of the show) whose stepfather, Pat (Luke Wilson), was the mechanic or friend or sidekick of the old JSA. He's mentoring Courtney as she recruits a team of new JSA superheroes (all teens).

The show is obviously aimed at younger audiences but it's not unbearable for me, an adult, to watch. I even laugh at some of the pop culture jokes.

Don't know if I'll stay with the series but since it's free to watch (ad-supported) it costs me nothing but time.

I tried watching other CW shows (like Supergirl and Krypton) a few years ago. Couldn't really get into them. In my opinion, the quality of these shows is not what I have come to expect of good television, but I realize these are very popular shows with younger audiences. So I guess tastes have changed.

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