Video: Flying personal vehicle, Jetson One
Obviously named for George Jetson's flying car, this personal aerial vehicle does bear a slight resemblance to the cartoon vehicle of the future. However, it's more about the size of a go-cart than an actual automobile. And I think it must, like other such "flying cars", fall into the category of ultralight aircraft.

Watch Jetson One - Official Launch from YouTube
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It looks like it would be a lot of fun to operate (fly? drive?) but all of these vehicles depend on rotating blade systems that worry me. I can't imagine having something like this in a home where children and pets can wander close to it.

The Federal Aviation Administration may not be ready to allow these vehicles outside of designated recreational areas - or whatever other restrictions have been placed on them - but I think their designs will have to improve drastically to ever be safe for family- and community environments.

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