World Science Fiction Convention 2021
I plan to attend the World Science Fiction Convention this December in Washington DC. 

WorldCon's are normally held around US Labor Day. It is at the choice of the convention to choose the exact dates.  

I have a train ticket as I'm not ready to fly.  The only problem is that the train leaves at Darkest Hour (6:30a).
I have several friends driving down, so I might be able to "ship" a bag of books north should I need to do that. 

I've been slowly working on my "fear level" to attain this level of experience. 
In August I spent a 3 day weekend at Tanglewood (Stockbridge/Lenox, MA) with 5 friends, and big spaces between seats (masks suggested). I also went to the big Gem & Mineral Show, and walked for 3 hours before I "masked" out. 
In September I spent a 5 day weekend at the National Carousel Association "convention" out of Rochester, NY. This is 3 days on busses going to 7 different carousels. This would have been fine (masks required), except I forgot my mask during the second fire alarm, and we were crammed in for the elevator ride back to the room. Pictures on the National Carousel Association Facebook site. 
The only thing in November is the Fiber Festival in Agawam, MA. This is usually a huge Airport Hanger sized building filled with people, wool and animals. This is usually crowded. 

Right now Worldcon is still expected to be several thousand people, all in masks. I may need to make up a couple of cute ones to go with my "Maori" fabric mask, and my "Minion" smile mask. 

I'll see how this goes and then decide on Boskone (February 18-20, 2022) and CostumeCon (April 1-4)
I'm not ready to get back into the con world, myself. I probably would have enjoyed Dragon*Con this year, though. From the pictures I saw online, it wasn't as crowded as it had gotten to be pre-pandemic.

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