Shatner Boldly Went to Space!
Well, he did it! Not only did William Shatner go to the edge of space today, he is apparently the oldest person ever to take the voyage! I recall years ago when Shatner first put his money down to take the trip, I was skeptical that he would in good enough health, or even alive, to make the flight once things were finally in place. I am happy to have been proven wrong! What an amazing thing to be part of, for anyone, but especially for him due to his career playing Kirk.

I found the original post:

It was 17 years ago, back in 2004! Shatner had apparently only expressed interest at that point, and it was with Richard Branson's effort.
I had forgotten all about that.

It's a shame he and George Takei don't get along. But I guess Shatner had a stormy relationship with more than one member of the team.
It's just remarkable, on so many levels - - including the obvious, an older beloved celebrity getting to go into space. But also for Shatner, a poor Jewish kid from Montreal who thought his fame would be found on stage with Olivier. Instead, he had to settle for success in multiple pop culture projects, and yet in his old age, he has come to realize the profound impact he's had on generations of scientists and engineers and astronauts.
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For all his faults, William Shatner is one of a small group of people who had a profound impact upon society and technology. I don't begrudge him the chance to fly to the edge of space. And if he's still able to fly INTO space in a few years, I wouldn't begrudge him that opportunity, either.

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