ScreenRant reviewed John Carter RPGs
So this article is from July 11, 2021. I don't follow ScreenRant as much as I used to become they've become a kind of cheap content factory. But this review of John Carter RPGs struck me as interesting. I didn't realize there was so much interest in the John Carter franchise among gamers.

All my gamer friends are, of course, familar with the ERB books but I don't recall any of them expressing an interest in playing these games. So I've never heard about them.

The article also introduces a knock-off game franchise that isn't specifically John Carter.

I suppose you could probably put together a John Carter game from almost any game universe, even classic Dungeons and Dragons. Just change the names of some of the animals and use the standard monster stats. John Carter's biggest monsters were the plant-men and white apes. The real villains of his adventures were the various warlords who wanted to conquer or maintain influence across Mars (Barsoom).

The swashbuckling heroes and the resourceful women characters (especially Thuvia and Tara) made the stories interesting as well as Barsoom's unusual ecology.

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